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Han/Luke, dark!Han works for Vader, he wants his son

Han is employed by Vader, maybe as his right hand man, or the one who he sends out to do whatever work while he has to stay put in space.

One day Vader discovers the existence of his son, and sends Han to collect him. Han is annoyed, picturing some spoiled brat who will get all of Vader's trust and training straight away. (Or Han learns Luke's last name on board the Falcon, puts two and two together, and diverts to his first job by taking Luke straight to his father.)

But Han finds himself enchanted by Luke. He's a mouthy little brat at first, sure, but also a frightened, naive young man. Vader praises Han for finding him and makes him Luke's official guard. He senses Han's lust for Luke, and encourages him to court him, but with the ever-present threat of choke-death if anything harms Luke while under his watch. (And perhaps a secret plan to get the hell out of there with Luke if Palpatine proves to be a threat. Or if Luke won't turn.)

Vader begins training Luke, who is in awe of his father. And after the sessions they sometimes retire to a family dinner with Han. Luke just doesn't know what he did to deserve this love.. or this slight imprisonment.

Basically dark!Han courting scared, unprepared Luke, after having delivered him to his boss, Vader. Luke is in awe of both his Father, and his suitor.

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