Someone wrote in [community profile] starwarskinkmeme 2016-03-01 03:44 pm (UTC)

Gen, Padme run away

Because she's carrying two powerful children, Padme starts to have Force Visions. She sees what happen in canon but the visions doesn't stop there, they show her a lot of possible future.

Padme can barely sleep or eat anymore. She becomes paranoid, anxious and depressed. She feels powerless, unable to change her future, knowing that every move she make can make it worse.

So she decides to do something she's never seen herself do in any of her visions : she run away. She goes to a planet far away, where she's sure she or her children won't be found and vow to herself to do everything to make Luke and Leia grow happy and far away from any trouble.

She know she made the right decision when the visions stop on her first night on the planet.

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