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Star Wars Kink Meme Round #1

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[FILL] stake out (2/2) anakin/obi-wan, omorashi

(Anonymous) 2016-02-29 02:22 pm (UTC)(link)
"Huh? Oh, yeah Master," he said, not entirely attentive. It was being drowned by the burning sensation in his lower abdomen.

Obi-Wan grabbed his arm, and led him behind a speeder, just out of sight from the Trandoshans. This time Anakin was unable to hide his squirming. If Obi-Wan didn't know before, well now he did.

"Do not think of me as a fool, Anakin," Obi-Wan voice dropped to barely above a whisper, and it took on that quality Anakin hated so much. "I noticed your anxiety. It was practically emanating off you."

"Sithspit... M-Master, I'm not a child. What I decide to do with my body is my d-d-decision...N-no..." Anakin broke off into a moan, lips parted, as Obi-Wan's hands rested over his abdomen, fingers gently massaging just above his crotch. He held strong first, but Obi-Wan's skill fingers pressed ever so slightly at right spot and oh Force, he cannot deny himself the need any further. A wave of relief replaced the wave of tension as a dark wet spot gathered between Anakin's thighs, spreading by the seconds. Shivers ran up his spine at the warm, continuous stream gushing out from him, rivulets running down his leggings and trickled off his boots, forming a puddle on the ground. He was surprised by the amount of liquid that was inside his bladder only seconds ago. His cock twitched at the emptying sensation.

Anakin hanged his head. The tears that prickled in the corner of his eyes were now rolling down his face. The wave of pleasure was only temporarily, and once the last drop left him, it was replaced by shame.

He felt something gentle around his shoulders and realized Obi-Wan was wrapping his robe around him.

"Your clothes are dark; nobody will notice. Go to your quarters right away and you will be fine."

These weren't words of admonishment, but rather assurance. Anakin looked up, less shame weighing heavily on him.

"Obi-Wan, you didn't have to... and kriffing hell, I ruined my clothes too."

"Oh believe me, I know your limits more than you do. You wouldn't have lasted another second."

And Anakin almost protested but stopped, admitting that Obi-Wan was, indeed, right.

“Well… if it meant wetting myself, I learned my lesson,” he grumbled.

“I’ve spent a fair amount of time raising you, Anakin. What’s a bit of pee next to everything else you’ve thrown at me?” Obi-Wan was grinning and Anakin detected no sign of anger in his smile or his Force signature.

“Beats me,” Anakin replied, shrugging. “But that word is hilarious coming out of your mouth.”