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Announcement: All prompts are now searchable

 As of 11:30pm EST (US) 1/2/2016, every single prompt is on Pinboard

The great thing about this is that Pinboard is searchable. 

I tagged everything in the same way I categorized them previously. 
Prompts for for Star Wars: Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels are tagged rebels/clonewars
Prompts for Episodes I,II,III are tagged 123.
Prompts for Episodes IV, V, VI are tagged 456. 
Prompts for The Force Awakens are tagged 789.
Prompts for the Star Wars cast are tagged RPF.

Right now the way these prompts are tagged is little idiosyncratic, but remember that in Pinboard the subject line and text (in this case the entirety of the prompt) is searchable. I took this idea from AvengerKink, and while not everything applies to this Kink Meme, they offer a really useful explanation on how to use Pinboard's search engine more efficiently.  It goes into detail on what it can do, like searching the following: (luke | han) -non-con -noncon -dubcon, would get you all prompts featuring Luke OR Han minus prompts with the terms non-con, noncon, or dubcon. However, those specifications exclude prompts that state "no non-con." 

ETA: I noticed that in searching you can't be too specific because not everyone uses the full name of character, searching Kylo returns 57 prompts, but searching Kylo Ren returns only 39 prompts.

I'm not sure I will end up tagging it according to pairing. I'll consider it. 


If anyone wants to co-mod with me that would be cool. :)

Prompts are now tagged with characters and ships.