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Star Wars Kink Meme Round #1

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(Anonymous) 2015-12-20 05:03 am (UTC)(link)
Kylo Ren/Rey, interrogation scene devolves into explicit sex.

(Anonymous) 2015-12-21 02:17 am (UTC)(link)
Please please please please please please please...

Kylo Ren/Rey Interrogation Scene - sexy

(Anonymous) 2015-12-22 04:32 pm (UTC)(link)
Ok everyone, this is my first time posting here, so forgive me if I'm doing it wrong. From what I understand, someone posts a "prompt" of what they want here, and another person with writing skills "fills" the thread with material in this theme. Ok, so here goes, I just worked on a quick fic, that interrogation scene was just toooooo fun LOL Quality isn't GREAT, but hey - I've only had a few days to work on this. Enjoy:

Reylo Trash……lol

She awakened to the darkened room, drifting out of a deep sleep, feeling more and more panic at her situation as she came into conciousness. The last thing she remembered was collapsing in the forest, falling, falling into…HIS arms! NO….. She had been captured, after all she had done to avoid getting involved. Great. She tried to mentally get a grasp of her situation.

Strapped to some kind of table that flipped up like a chair, she couldn’t move her limbs. Her long, wiry body was immobilized. Stay calm - the whole thing was to stay calm. There was a dark presence in the room, and as her eyelids fluttered open, she realized….oh dear Lord, HE had been watching her the whole time, standing near her without her even realizing it. Her face got hot. Why couldn’t she sense him? But the fact is she DID sense him, but somehow her internal alarms did not go off due to his presence! How could this be? Her Force-sense reached out, to find his presence not disturbing in the least - at least, not right now.

“So, you’re awake now.” he slowly came closer to the table so she could see him, his boots tapping the polished floor. He was very tall tall and lanky. His dark robe, the robe of the Knights of Ren, fell to the floor, cinched about the waist. He wore black leather gloves. The lights from the console gleamed on his silver mask, each beam making her heart jump in terror but she stifled this feeling. “Asking questions…..in a mask” she said contemptuously.

Unexpectedly, on a whim, he reached up and slowly took off the silver mask. Was this usually interrogation protocol? She wasn’t sure what to expect, so that when she realized he was much younger than she thought, she was shocked. Her first impression was long dark hair surrounding huge cheekbones, a wide sensual mouth, sharp nose, and as she scanned the face upward…..without warning, she felt herself tumbling into the dark wells that were his eyes and she lost herself for a moment. There in his mind was….kindness there, kindness towards her…..and then the black wall of the Darkness that had invaded him, reaching icy fingers toward her, threatening to draw her into itself. She recoiled as if struck, gasping.

“Why do you fear the Darkness? It is in Everything…..I will show you if you let me…..” he whispered, coming closer. She tried to squirm away from him, afraid again. “You know I can take what I want.” It was too much for Rey. Facing him directly, a small cry escaping her, she let the fury of the power within her lash against his own power. She felt his inner defenses snap to attention. Oh God - Strong, he was so strong. They grappled mentally, small objects in the room falling to the floor, the air stirring around them and whipping their hair. Oh, how she hated him at that moment! The force of hatred was concentrated to a fine point within his personality, obviously honed and well developed. But there was something else there. Something kept getting in the way, preventing him from using the full extent of his training. She was the strongest “wild talent” he had ever seen, the force of her power surprised him and kept him grappling.

He studied her intently. A lot was surprising about this “scavenger girl from Jakku”. Who was she, that she was so strong in the Force? His eyes drifted from her defiant face with fine features, to her heart which beat so fast and her long limbs spread across the interrogation table. If she were not dressed in these desert rags, her figure would be as elegant as the women of the court. No, she had to be someone else. There was some secret about her origins….and he was an expert at prying secrets from their hiding places, one way…or another. Watching her was giving him a strange feeling that he didn’t understand. He had women before, of course…they were compliant servants of the court. Besides the newness of his first experience, nobody had really touched his heart. But now something was capturing his attention about her….something about the way her long, elegant body spread helplessly on the table before him. His eyes kept finding hers, which glared defiantly like a trapped animal. No, how could he think of this wild girl who lived like an animal on Jakku, as a……and yet…..as their mental battle raged, he came so close to her without realizing it, that their bodies pressed closely together and he could feel the heat of her sweat through the white cloth of her desert gear, and her heart beating wildly. His face, which gleamed white in the dark, was centimeters away from hers, their lips so close…. but she kept fighting him! Shouldn’t he pull away? Master Snoke probably wouldn’t approve, but it was exciting, delicious…. She squirmed hard against him, and suddenly the force of her movement pushed their lips together. He could feel…excitement, terror, arousal….the heady mix burned through all his training in an instant and he kissed her savagely, long arms moving as he ran his hands up and down her body, pressing hard against her with all the force of his anger transformed into savage, angry lust. Rey was confused, terrified…and more aroused than she’d ever been in her life. She had never been so close to anyone, let alone a man, never mind a Knight of Ren…it was Unthinkable. So why was she trembling?

“If I release you….” Kylo Ren said with a gasp….she knew what he was trying to say. She nodded her head. Her hands and legs came free of the table and she sat on the edge, with Kylo Ren standing in front of her, face flushed and breathing hard. “I have disabled the door”, Kylo Ren said in a low voice. She knew nobody would disturb them. Well, this was far different from the torture she had feared. She curiously touched a lock of the raven black hair that tumbled down as he bent towards her, and then he was pulling aside her garment and his belt was falling to the floor, as his robe tumbled open. His long, lean and muscular body pressed against hers as they lay back together and she felt his flesh, warm and smooth and taught, and his hard, long manhood pressing against her. He stared long into her heart melting brown eyes and slowly kissed her again, this time expertly moving his sensual lips softly against hers, building up to a crechendo again as their minds keened in unison, his hands exploring her pert breasts and wandering lower. Suddenly he pulled back. “this is your….first time?” He had sensed it in her mind, when their minds had become one. “Uh…yess……” Rey didn’t know what to say. There had been no opportunity for sexual exploration in her home on Jakku when life was a daily struggle. And there had been nobody there she cared about. She was shocked that she was allowing this without a struggle. But now after all this, she wanted to find out what would come next. There was a hunger, a yearning in her body that she couldn’t explain. And her feelings for this young Knight of Ren…she couldn’t explain them either. Lust came sharp and hard, and took her breath away. How she could think of a Knight of Ren as a…..but he brought his lips softly to her neck, and all thoughts of anything else just fell away. His long fingers caressed her nipples, making her shudder as wetness pooled between her thighs. He pressed the small, firm breasts and ran his hands slowly down her stomach, and caressed her aching sex, preparing her to receive him.

“No…..” she pulled away from him. “What???” Kylo Ren drew a ragged breath in. He was not used to being denied ANYTHING he wanted. She was breathing heavily and her body was obviously ready for him, but she was terrified. Kylo Ren summoned all his training not to seize her and take her that instant. His black eyes flashed dangerously. He patiently (???) held her near him, gathering his cloak around them. “Rey….I feel that I could never hurt you….I will protect you. I will let you go if you’d like that.” He allowed Rey to enter a private part of his mind. Her own consciousness wavered between a searing lust and an overwhelming fear. Her first thought was to run away….but there was nowhere to go. She could feel that she was breaking him with her hesitation. Her body moved against his, and the force with which he seized her knocked the wind out of both of them. She was turning, turning in the air, facing him…they were levitating and pieces of machinery, clothing and random objects were rotating and spinning around them, so great was the power being released. The computer console behind them smoked and random lights pulsed on it, brokenly (another one ruined - hah!) He reached out with his long arms and pulled her weightless body to him and very, slowly entered her, taking care not to hurt her, and as he entered her taught body, a soft cry escaped him. She was everything, EVERYTHING to him in that moment….greater than the Supreme Leader Himself. Rey wrapped her legs around his slim body and pulled herself onto him again and again. It seemed like forever that they moved together, his hands all over her body as he thrust hard into her, spinning in the air. Without warning, her mind suddenly melted and her sex contracted tightly around him, her back arched and she lost consciousness. He held her seemingly lifeless body and continued to thrust in and out of her. After what seemed an eternity, she came back to awareness in time to feel him arch and stiffen just after she did, and his orgasm was an inferno explosion that drew her again into that tunnel of light, this time with him, as their minds intermingled and their bodies were one. It went on and on, seemingly endless as waves of orgasm crashed their bodies and minds into one another. And then, they were lying utterly exhausted and in a dreamlike state on the table, his long cloak underneath them, arms and legs and bodies intermingled. The room was completely destroyed, twisted metal and lumps of machinery littered the floor and were embedded in the walls, stuck where they had been flung with such power. Kylo Ren looked into Rey’s eyes….he knew his life was changed forever. THIS was the force that had truly destroyed his grandfather Darth Vader. Now he finally knew. It must be used and handled wisely. Kylo Ren reached up and softly caressed Rey’s face lying there against his chest, and snugged his arm around her body. He would never, never allow Rey to befall the fate of his grandmother Leia, he would keep her safe always. But Rey had other plans….

Re: Kylo Ren/Rey Interrogation Scene - sexy

(Anonymous) 2015-12-22 09:38 pm (UTC)(link)
Mmmm, absolutely delicious, and yessss to their Force sex tearing the room apart!!