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Poe/Finn. Poe is traumatised by what the first order did to him. [non-con warning]

(Anonymous) 2015-12-23 07:13 pm (UTC)(link)
someone with the First Order (Phasma, Kylo, Hux, etc.) takes advantage of Poe's vulnerable position as captive and rapes him. He doesn't tell anyone, Finn springs him, and everything goes on as per the film.

Except a few weeks/months later when it comes to light after he tries to have sex with Finn (or Rey, or both, OP is not fussy) for the first time since it happened, and finds that he has panic attacks and freaks out at being touched.

With bonus points for his partner/s not noticing/mistaking his panicked breathing for excitement and continuing to push until he physically shoves them away and freaks out, making them feel really guilty once they figure out what's wrong.

Re: Poe/Finn. Poe is traumatised by what the first order did to him. [non-con warning]

(Anonymous) 2015-12-23 07:32 pm (UTC)(link)
Very Seconded!!!
poziomeczka: (poe damneron am i right)

Re: Poe/Finn. Poe is traumatised by what the first order did to him. [non-con warning]

[personal profile] poziomeczka 2015-12-24 09:11 pm (UTC)(link)

Re: [FILL] Poe/Finn. Poe is traumatised by what the first order did to him. [non-con warning]

(Anonymous) 2015-12-24 10:51 pm (UTC)(link)
Poe/Finn/Rey, Non-con (implied) Poe/Kylo, PTSD

WARNINGS : 1) My English is pretty bad and rusty so please be kind regarding that matter. Feel free to correct and repost it. I hope you'll still enjoy this story !
2) This story is about suffering from PTSD after being raped/tortured. It can be pretty triggering.

The Starkiller base had been destroyed for a few days now. The Resistance is in a state of joy and sadness mixed together. Everybody is relieved that the First Order weapon has been annihilated but at the same time the pilots are weeping over the loss of some of their friends. And of course the great sadness General Organa is feeling seems to spread in every soldier's heart. How could you be happy when the leader of the Resistance herself is crying every night ?
But as the days are passing by, the harsh pain of loss is slowly turning into nostalgia, and Leia decides that the Resistance members deserve some sort of celebration.

"Tonight is gonna be fun, don't you think ? " says Rey as she bites in the piece of bread she stole in Poe's plate. Poe is not feeling hungry today. He was not really feeling well these past days. He tried to hide it but he is sure Finn and Rey noticed that something was wrong. He doesn't want them to worry about him, but as he grew closer to the former trooper and the young scavenger, he let his defenses down. He puts a forced smile on his face and answers "Yeah, I think so...". Rey smiles back.

The party is on. Everybody seem happy. Even Leia is seen joyfully speaking with other pilots. But Poe can't really feel happy. He doesn't know exactly why. He tries. But something in his mind seems broken. Poe is strong. It was not the first time he fought in a battle, not even the first time he was captured by the First Order. But this time it was different. Kylo Ren was here. Kylo Ren used the Force on him. Kylo Ren tortured him... He shakes his head off, trying to shut down the thoughts that are coming back to his mind. What Kylo did to him... No, Poe doesn't want to think about that. He needs to forget. This belongs to the past now. He orders more of this delicious alcoholic beverage they are serving and drinks down.

Everybody is still enjoying the night, but Poe doesn't feel great. He can't remember how many drinks he had. Too many for sure. His head is feeling funny. All he wants is to go to bed and sleep and forget about this war he is fighting for too long. Maybe his last mission was too much for him. Maybe he should think about quitting the Resistance. Maybe...

"Have you seen Poe ?" asks Finn, yelling in Rey's ear, trying to cover the noise of the party, as she is laughing at a pilot's joke. "Nope, why ?" she replies. "I don't know, I've a bad feeling about this." he says, suddenly very serious. Rey looks into Finn's eyes. He seems a little bit scared. The smile on her face disappears. "I'll help you find him, come on !".

"Rey, here he is ! Poe's here !". Poe was sleeping in his bed - a huge bed he was rewarded with after his victory. He was still wearing his clothes and boots. He obviously drank too much and crashed into bed without taking time to undress. Rey takes the hand of Finn and they walk silently into the room. She kneels down next to Poe's face. He's so handsome she thinks. But he seems to have a nightmare right now. Poe is moving in his sleep as if he was trying to escape something or someone. Rey reaches to touch him, gently resting her hand palm flat on his forehead. "Maybe we should stay with him ? You know, make sure everything is okay ?" whispers Finn behind her. Rey nods and they climb into the bed, lying carefully on each side of Poe's body. They quickly fall asleep.

Poe's trying to open his eyes. He definitely drank to much last night. But he's feeling surprisingly rested, surrounded by warmth. He moves his head to discover his two young friends sleeping next to him. How cute they are right now. He can't resist to smile at their sight. Finn awakens, and the first thing he sees is Poe gently smiling at him. He smiles back and throw his arms around the pilot's body, pulling him close to his own body.

Rey suddenly feels like the warmth against her right flank is gone. She groans and opens an eye. Poe is not resting against her anymore. She rises into the bed to see Poe into Finn's arms, kissing each other. It is not the first time she sees them making out, she already knows that they are pretty close to say the least. Frustrated to not be included in this demonstration of affection, she decides to pull out her best card : tickling ! She reaches for Poe's waist and start tickling him.

Poe immediately starts laughing and moving, trying to escape Rey's skillful fingers. She's laughing as well, and her laughs intensifies as Poe turns to her, and seeks for revenge, his hands trying to reach Rey's belly. He fails miserably, Rey fidgeting too fast. He finally decides to catch her shoulders with his big hands and she cannot resist anymore. She stops laughing and with a smile on her face, she leans toward him and kissed him on the lips. The warm and strong hands that were holding her shoulders are now gently rubbing her back.

Poe had never kissed Rey. He finds her very pretty and smart and funny but he was so focused on Finn, he never though about doing anything with her. As he feels her muscles relaxing under his embrace, he realizes how fragile and little she is. He perfectly knows she is the strongest of them three, thanks to how incredibly powerful the Force is with her, but as the same time it's like he can feel how lonely and lost she is. Poe shivers when he feels hands seizing his waist without warning but relaxes soon when he realizes that it was Finn, eager to take part into whatever was going on. Finn's hands start caressing Poe's abs, circling around his belly button. Poe closes his eyes, trying to focus on the delightful sensations of feeling the warmth of Finn's hand on his belly and the softness of Rey's lips against his. But something was bothering him, a strange feeling at the back of his head. A strange tingle in his throat. He shivers again.

Rey feels Poe quivering of what seems to be sensual delight. She wasn't sure about kissing him. After all he seemed to be into Finn but not into her. She finds him handsome but that was it and she was not thinking of him as a potential romantic or sexual partner. But when he responded to the kiss, she was more happy than she thought she would be. As they continue to make out, she decides to bring stuff to the next level, and press her body a little more closer to Poe's body. She can feel his erection getting even harder against her. She lower her hands to Poe's belt buckle and undoes it.

Something snapped in Poe's mind. He doesn't understand what it is but he knows something wrong. Terribly wrong. The hands of Finn suddenly don't feel nice on his skin. It feels like disgusting insects are crawling under every inches of skin Finn is touching. And then Rey's trying to remove his pants. Poe's panicking. He wants to stop her but as he tries to, she uses the Force to invisibly tie his wrists above his head, saying she only wants him to focus on his pleasure. But that's not what Poe wants, she doesn't understand. He wants everything to stop right now because he doesn't know why, but he feels scared, so scared. And he can't talk. He's so afraid right now he just can't move, every muscle of his body is tense, and his sight is blurring. He can't hear a thing. And what is really a second seems like eternity to him. He realizes that his wrists are no longer held by the Force and in a last momentum of strength, he pushes Rey outside the bed, and rolls to escape Finn's hands, landing on the floor next to the scavenger. He closes his eyes, trying to understand what's happening.

But all he knows is that is mind is flooded by a dark and powerful wave of pain and fear. It's like every corner of his head is now filled with darkness. And behind his closed eyelids, he sees him. Standing with his helmet shining under a ray of white light. The same lights that the ones from the room where he was tortured by him. A new wave of darkness and disgust invades Poe's mind. He's shaking on the floor, unable to move from his fetal position. The only thing he can feel right now is fear and pain, like he never has felt before. Like he were about to die. Like Kylo was right here, right now. Ready to torture him again.

Rey doesn't know what to do. She's sitting on the cold floor, struck by how scared Poe seems to be. She can feel through the Force that the pilot is in great mental pain. She feels disoriented and guilty : did she do something wrong ? She turns to Finn as he climbs out of the bed, putting a blanket on Poe's shivering shoulders. He gently arranges the blanket on Poe's body and sits next to him. Finn looks to Rey, he seems as confused as her about what to do to help Poe. Eventually Finn comes closer to Poe's face and asks softly "Poe ? Poe, are you okay ?"

"I'm not" whispers Poe between his clenched jaws just before starting to cry. It feels like he can't breathe, the pain in his chest getting bigger as he desperately tries to fight against the darkness in his mind. He wants to scream but the only thing that can get out of his mouth is more sobbing. He has the feeling he's gonna vomit or pass out from one second to the next.

Finn is starting to understand what's going on. The sight of Poe, a strong and fierce warrior, quivering with fear on a steel floor is not totally new. Flash backs invade his head, glimpses from the past. He's sure now : he recalls seeing such scenes. It was on the Starkiller base. In Kylo's quarters. Where he held back his prisoners. There are stories that storm-troopers tell each other. About Kylo and his prisoners. His preferably young and beautiful prisoners. About Kylo keeping torturing his victims even long after they said everything he wanted to know. About Kylo asking for medic droids to keep his prisoners alive even if they were of no use for the First Order. Finn knew it was not rare to hear them scream and cry, long after their wounds had been healed, days after Kylo had last touched them. But still they would scream in terror. As if Kylo was still in their head, as if he was still forcing their mind and body. Again and again. Finn feels a weird tingle in his neck. Is it possible ? That Kylo had hurt Poe like he did with some of the other prisoners ?

Rey is completely lost. Should they go out and seek for help from the medic ? "I don't even know if medic droids would figure what to do" she murmurs to herself. Maybe I could... use the Force ? She suddenly thinks. She can feel the fear and pain radiating from Poe's mind. The darkness surrounding him. She takes a deep breath and slowly, without really thinking about what she's doing, she closes her eyes and tries to canalize the Light in her, sending it toward Poe's mind. She's not trying to take control of the pilot's thoughts nor to read them, she just wants to help him fight the dark side currently consuming his entire being. And it seems to work.

Poe was feeling like this extreme panic state he was in would never end, but he can feel that the dark wave in his mind is not as strong as it used to be just a moment ago. He senses something is helping him, someone is helping him. Is it what it feels like to be blessed by the Light ? An inexplicable and soothing wave of sweet warmth goes through his entire body. His mind is now clear. The pain in his chest disappears, and he can breathe again. He opens his eyes, all he can see is a blur of light but at least the image of Kylo is gone. He starts to calm down and as his muscles relax, he feels relieved but extremely weak at the same time. Just like this time he fought for 3 days straight without sleeping or eating properly. But he doesn't care because now he can see Rey and Finn faces and he knows he's safe. Safe from him.

Far away from the Resistance base, in a ship lost somewhere in the galaxy, Kylo brutally awakes. He is sure he heard someone screaming. That pilot from the Resistance he captured a few weeks ago. It was his voice, full of fear, that was echoing into his head. Kylo knew that he could hear in his head his former prisoners screaming in terror even if they were far from him. It was the sign he had still some sort of power over them. He usually enjoys this feeling but this time it was different. It was different because his grip over Poe's mind was not as strong as usual. For the first time Kylo felt that somehow, someone helped one of his prisoner to fight the gruesome memories of Kylo's torture. The girl... it could only be the girl... She definitely needs to be destroyed, he thinks. And then, SHE will be the one I'll hear scream...

Re: [FILL] Poe/Finn. Poe is traumatised by what the first order did to him. [non-con warning]

(Anonymous) 2015-12-24 11:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Aww, poor Poe! Thank you so much for sharing - I especially liked the last paragraph and the idea of Kylo still being able to hear Poe's anguish

Re: [FILL] Poe/Finn. Poe is traumatised by what the first order did to him. [non-con warning]

(Anonymous) 2016-01-03 04:07 pm (UTC)(link)
Aww, poor Poe...