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Star Wars Kink Meme Round #1

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Rey/Kylo Ren/Ben Solo, Reylo, Oral, Randomly Start Having Sex, Force Sex, Angsty Thoughts

(Anonymous) 2015-12-26 08:18 am (UTC)(link)
"Would I Walk Into The Light For You?" AN: I don't even know. So much sex, just so you know. Just wanted to write a fic about desperation, wanting to love, and feeling like you've gone too far for redemption. Plus, Reylo and lots of random sex. So... yep. I officially have no dignity left. Enjoy! :) ____________ His light saber flew to the ground as the blazing woman towered over him. Yes, she seemed to blaze in the light, while he wasted in her shadows. He’d once heard the story of a man who loved a woman so much that he’d followed her into hell when she died. That man had been his grandfather, who he’d never quite understood but had always envied. But right now, he could sympathize with him a little. Rey’s torn shirt blew in the biting winter winds as she stared down at Ren in contempt. Her light saber was inches from his jugular. “How could you do it? He was your father!” She cried. Tears streamed down her eyes. How could he explain it to her? That he was too far gone, that his pride was too important to him after all this time, that he simply couldn’t admit to himself that the could possibly be happier if he just went back home – how could he tell her how much he hated himself for burying his own grave? He didn’t deserve happiness, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t be terrifying and great. “You...” he huffed, his wounds seeping blood into the snow, “should know.” “How dare you!” She released a cry, raising her saber into the air, preparing to deal him the final blow. “You’ve been alone, too. I saw it in your head!” He cried it out, a last ditch attempt in what he believed to be his final hour. Fury in his veins, an ache in his chest, pushing him to say words he didn’t want to utter to this girl, with her filthy purity that he craved so deeply. No, she wasn’t filthy. He was. She froze in mid air, sweat rolling down her forehead as she gazed at him with a hard stare. Waiting for the words to change her mind. Praying he had them prepared. “So you must know...that when you’ve been for too long, you start to want certain things. To be looked at, to be wanted...” “To be loved,” she said. “But you destroyed the love that people gave you.” Han Solo’s memory flashed through her eyes, and Ren found himself jealous of the man he’d once called father. At that moment, he thought he must look so pathetic and small in her eyes. And suddenly he craved to see through her eyes again, as he had before. To feel that connection between them, that familiar and at the same time foreign knowing feeling he’d felt when her mind had wrapped around his. He felt she could consume him, like he was Icarus flying too close to the sun. His wings would melt, and he fall, deep into the ocean, where he finally drown. Or perhaps she would save him from the wreckage and pull him from the waters. Using the last of his strength, Ren pushed into Rey’s mind. He watched her resist against him, but he wasn’t trying to invade her thoughts like before. His eyes filled with lust as he saw the shock cross her face as she felt her body react to his manipulation. Focusing as much as he could on her pussy, Ren used to Force to create the feeling of his hands rubbing over her wet nub. Unprepared, Rey dropped into the snow. Ren gasped at the sight of her blushing cheeks. She seemed to glow more than ever in that moment. He stuck his gloved hand out, dragging her with an invisible power towards him. He focused harder on rubbing her clit through her clothing, watching at the fabric over her pussy frantically moved back and forth from his mental stimulation. “F-Fuck you, ugh...” She moaned. Ren ignored her, using his powers to forcibly drag her pants down her ass cheeks until they were at her ankles. Then, to her surprise, he spread her knees wide in front of him. She sat on folded, spread legs with her pussy before him, her clit being rapidly fucked by the potently directed power of the force at work on her body. Her breasts began to move around as Ren began to focus on them as well. “Why... oh god, oh! W-Why are you fucking me?!” Rey cried out. Ren didn’t respond, but his heart ached at the sight of her beauty. He couldn’t help it. In the middle of battle, he was giving up. He just needed to fuck the life out of her, and he needed her to do the same. He needed her light to consume his soul like a wet cloth on a flame. He wanted her to extinguish the pain and he wanted her to like doing it too. “Show me the light,” he moaned, as he unzipped his trousers and took out his hard dick. “W-What? Oh fuck!” Rey moaned. My fucking pussy feels s-so good! Why, oh no, oh, it’s so fucking good. Is this his darkness? Or his light? Rey thought. Ren heard her thoughts, and it turned him on so much it physically hurt him. He dove down into her pussy and began to suckle at her clit. "I want you," he moaned, his hands moving to grip at her hips. "I want to consume you, and I want you to consume me". He looked up at her as he ate her out, swirling his tongue around her wet folds. The taste of her filled his mouth, and he relished in her flavour. "Will you let me consume you?" He murmured against her pussy. Her eyes met his and a red blush as dark as blood covered her cheeks. She felt herself growing wetter, and oddly enough, wishing she could feel more of him. The vibrations shook her and she felt her pussy coiling up as she came closer to cumming. Her ass was red and cold in the snow, but she hardly felt it anymore. Ren quickly stuck his tongue inside of her hole, wanting to feel her muscles contract around him. "N-No!" She cried out. Ten felt her reaching for him with strong hands, beckoning him to come up to face her. "L-Let me feel all of you, if you're going to do it anyways..." She looked away from him in shame. Ren froze. "I don't understand," he teased, secretly desperate to hear the creature of light before him say what he thought she was saying. "Feel what?" She blushed harder, if possible. "L-Let me cum around your cock... fuck me, Ben". He was pained to hear her use that name, but he felt unable to resist her in that moment. He didn't wait any longer, rising up to thrust himself inside of her. Moving his hips back and forth repeatedly, he rammed into her, drilling her into the snow as she screamed out his name. That name. "Harder, harder Ben!" She screamed. The sounds of their bodies smacked together as her hands hung around his neck, clinging to him for dear life. He knew once this was over, they'd go back to being enemies. He felt that tragic realization building in his chest. He felt Rey cum around him, as he did the same. And as he pushed himself further into the depths of oblivion, he finally sympathized with his grandfather. The man who followed a woman into hell for love. Could he do the same? Could he walk into the light for her?