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Re: FILL: Struggles (Anakin/Obi-Wan, possessive sex) 2/3

(Anonymous) 2016-01-03 05:10 am (UTC)(link)
Obi-Wan groans from the sight, tugging in frustration at the restraints that keep him from touching Anakin, from bringing him closer, from making them one. Anakin senses his exasperation – indeed, there can be no secrets between them, not when they are like this – gives him an indulgent smile as he slips his fingers from his mouth. Those fingers glisten now from Anakin’s saliva, and move lower, past Obi-Wan’s weeping length, past his balls, and along the parted cleft of his ass to his entrance.

“Mine,” Anakin breathes as he breaches the ring of muscle with a single digit. It isn’t long before one finger is replaced with two, pushing into Obi-Wan’s body with slow, deliberate thrusts. He takes his time, refusing to set a much faster pace, even when Obi-Wan jerks his hips, trying to drive Anakin deeper. Three fingers replace two, and Obi-Wan cries out, reveling in the mix of pleasure and discomfort.

Anakin’s mechanical hand takes Obi-Wan’s length, now completely coated, in a gentle grip, so deceptive given the apparent strength in the metal appendage. Obi-Wan shudders from the chill of the metal, enjoying the cold that rips through his body, counterpoint to the ever-growing heat. Anakin wipes his thumb over the head, further spreading the moisture and sending shocks of pleasure through Obi-Wan’s groin.

Obi-Wan trembles from the sensations, certain he isn’t going to last much longer and he wants to keep going, wants Anakin to take him, claim him, mark him, fuck him, own him

All of Anakin’s movements, from his fingers thrusting into Obi-Wan’s body to his stroking Obi-Wan’s length to the miniscule thrusts of his own hips, cease as he catches the thought along their bond. His eyes grow wide and he almost gapes at Obi-Wan. For several, agonizing moments, neither of them move, Obi-Wan’s arms still restrained to the headboard and Anakin’s fingers still in Obi-Wan’s ass.

The ensuing explosion of possessive lust nearly blinds Obi-Wan and suddenly he finds Anakin fully atop him again, their bodies flush together. Anakin’s mouth smashes into his and they seem to try to swallow each other in the ensuing kiss. Obi-Wan chases the curious taste of his pleasure that linger in Anakin’s mouth, exploring every possible crevice. Even as he does this, he is aware of Anakin’s fingers withdrawing from his body, and he moans into Anakin’s mouth at the loss. Said moan is replaced by a keen when he feels the head of Anakin’s length pushing against the loosened muscle and then inside of him.

Mine, Anakin growls in Obi-Wan’s mind and he begins to thrust.

There is no longer any slow seduction in Anakin’s movements, but now the fast, punishing pace of a conqueror. Anakin is claiming what is his, sliding back only to slam his hips back in against Obi-Wan’s own. Obi-Wan’s length is trapped between their bodies, his pleasure dribbling over the skin of their stomachs, and Obi-Wan finds himself distracted by the white fluid glistening against Anakin’s bronzed skin.

Anakin’s fingers grip Obi-Wan’s hair and jerk his head back roughly, bringing his eyes back up to meet Anakin’s own, dark blue with lust. “Mine,” he snarls, the message of be here focus on me screaming from one mind to the other. Yes here you only you is the silent reply, and it satisfies him.