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Obi-Wan/Anakin, bottom!Anakin, underage, first time

(Anonymous) 2016-01-04 03:16 pm (UTC)(link)
Just anything with Padawan!Anakin losing his virginity to Obi-Wan. Prefer if Anakin is around 16, no younger than 14. Literally the rest is completely up to you, I don't even care how it happens as long as Anakin bottoms and it's consensual (obvi), the world just needs more Obi/Ani.

Bonus points for Obi-Wan feeling really guilty about it and excessive use of the terms "Master" and "Padawan"

Re: Obi-Wan/Anakin, bottom!Anakin, underage, first time

(Anonymous) 2016-01-04 07:26 pm (UTC)(link)
Guh. Yes. Seconded.

Re: Obi-Wan/Anakin, bottom!Anakin, underage, first time

(Anonymous) 2016-01-04 09:21 pm (UTC)(link)
i think you've reached right into my mind (...thirded!!!)

{FILL 1/2]Re: Obi-Wan/Anakin, bottom!Anakin, underage, first time

(Anonymous) 2016-01-16 11:10 pm (UTC)(link)
I have more! No worries! Getting to actual sex, but I love horny young dumb Anakin shenanigans.

Anakin was fourteen when it started.
It was the middle of the night, Obiwan had stayed out on a mission, Anakin had stayed in their quarters for studying. Obiwan came home to a naked fourteen year old in his bed.
“Master, please,” He rolled over and batted his eyelashes, obviously knowing what he was doing. “Let me sleep with you,”
“Anakin, no,” He deftly pointed at the door. He was tired, too tired to be shocked shenanigans. He would process this in the morning.
“But you always let me sleep with you when I was younger,”
Obiwan sighed and yanked back the covers letting the cold air do it’s work to get the naked teenager out of his bed and sending him scurrying back to his own room.
This was not the kind of sleeping that had been done five years ago with a fully clothed child with vicious nightmares.
A few weeks later Anakin climbed into the freshener with him. The youth grabbed a sponge and started sudsing up his back, stepping closer he reached around to sudze his master’s chest, pressing his naked form against Obiwan’s back. Obiwan tensed.
“Anakin, get out,”
Anakin winced, gradually lowering the sponge, stepping off into his own corner to finish showering.
After that, on a minor mission Anakin kept trying to push his body closer to Obiwan. Shoulder to shoulder as they moved around corners, Crouching around his back, Backing into him when he felt the need to retreat. So much touching.
“Anakin, will you stop?”
Anakin grinned weakly, guiltily.
After a particularly exerting saber practice Anakin took Obiwan’s hand and placed it on his frantically beating heart, slipping it casually into his tunics. Obiwan smiled, and Anakin smiled back, slowly shifting the hand to brush over a firm nipple.
Obiwan jerked his hand away.
Obiwan was scolding him now. Not for his constant advances, but for some other thing, Anakin wasn’t paying attention; it could have been anything really. His master’s face was red, begging him to have some common sense, some respect. Anakin hid his face in his arms, Obiwan grabbed him by the wrist.
“Are you listening to me?!”
Anakin looked at him defiantly, then smoothly leaned over the table and planted a kiss on his lips. Quick. Short. Chaste. Probably not listening to Obiwan.
“Uggghhhh! I don’t know what to do with you!” Obiwan threw his wrist and stormed off.
Anakin shrugged to no one, propping his face on his hands, watching his master leave. This was kinda fun.
He tried the bed again, this time with his master already in it. He was in his sleep tunic and nothing else. Barefeet padded into his Master’s room.
Obiwan was already asleep, hair laying messily across the pillow. Good. Easy prey.
Walking up to the bed he swung a leg over and straddled his master, layers of blankets between them.
Obiwan awoke instantly, shocked, lower body pinned down by his Padawan.
“Anakin, what are you doing here?”
“I was lonely,” Anakin looked at the blankets, soft pout on his face,
“You have your own bed,” Obiwan propped himself up on his elbows, trying to be firm, but more confused than anything. He was still concerned about the boy’s nightmares, and tried his best to help.
“I can’t,” Anakin licked his lips nervously, “I’d rather sleep with you,”
“I can tell. Can you tell me Anakin, what has gotten into you lately?” He was tired and just wanted to go to bed. If it was nightmares he would cave in and let the boy sleep here on separate layers of blankets.
….Obiwan shook his head. He hadn’t heard that.
“I want you Master. I want you to hold me,”
Obiwan sighed shaking his head, “I understand you’re young Anakin, I-“
“-I want you master,” His blue eyes were enough to drown in. “I need you. Let me be with you,”
“You don’t even know what you’re asking for,”
“I know what I want,”
“Then tell me what you want, just to make sure I’m not assuming the worst in you,”
“I want you to have sex with me,”
Obiwan sighed lookin down, close to laughing and crying, “I thought so…..You’re too young, Anakin. Why am I always right?,”
Anakin fixed him with a look, “You and Quigon slept together.” He stated accursedly.
“I was much older than you the first time me and Quigon slept together,”
“How old were you?” He pried, leaning in closer, letting his sleep tunic slip down his chest in a way that would have been tantalizing if Obiwan was interested…
Anakin’s eyes bugged out, falling forward a little bit for emphasis, “I’d die if I wait that long!”
Obiwan chuckled, “It’s a good exercise in self control. You can always find someone closer to your own age, or take care of the problem yourself.”
“It’s not as fun myself,” Anakin shook his head, “I want you, master.”
“Well, you’re too young for me.”
Anakin pouted, “Well, what about when I’m fifteen?” Then he looked like he had an idea, “For a birthday gift?” Obiwan hated that look.
“You don’t give someone that for a birthday gift,”
“For a teenage boy you do,”
“Oh god, Anakin, no. Ok? No.”
“How about we do everything but sex?” He rolled his hips over the blanket grinning.
‘No, my very young Padawan,”
“Please Master?”
Obiwan grumbled, how was he going to get out of this?
He breathed, “You want to put your clothes on, go back to your room, and forget about it,” ….It was worth a shot.
Anakin stared at him blankly before cracking up laughing, rolling over beside him, cradling his arm. “I’m sorry, I want this too much to be weakminded about it,”
“For my birthday?”
Obiwan sighed, “…..Maybe….Can I just go to bed now?”
Anakin curled into his shoulder smiling, giving him a small peck on the cheek, purring. “Can I stay here tonight?”
Obiwan grumbled, “Only if you stay under your own covers,”

Re: {FILL 1/2]Re: Obi-Wan/Anakin, bottom!Anakin, underage, first time

(Anonymous) 2016-01-17 12:12 am (UTC)(link)
Holy shit, I didn't think my prompt would actually get filled! Thank you anon! I'm so excited, I'm loving this so far. The "puberty" part had me loling. Horny young dumb Anakin shenanigans are the best kind of shenanigans. Can't wait for part two!

Re: {FILL 2/?]Re: Obi-Wan/Anakin, bottom!Anakin, underage, first time

(Anonymous) 2016-01-17 06:53 pm (UTC)(link)
This is what I have so far. idk if I'm going to write more because I tend to get bored writing sex XD If I did write sex it would definitely be a BossyBottom! Anakin though, telling a more experienced but reluctant Obiwan what he wanted done with him

“You know we’re not even supposed to be doing this,”
“C’mon, Padawans sleep with their Masters all the time, no one says anything. It’s like underage drinking,”
“They do not! And underage drinking is something that’s very dangerous,”
“You slept with your master,”
He wished Anakin would quit bringing that up.
“My birthday was months ago….” He whined.
“And I’ve needed to fight you off with a stick since then,”
“Please?” Anakin pouted, “I want you to take my virginity,” Anakin coyly dropped his tunic, slowly revealing his wiry body. No bulk yet, all sinewy muscle. He was just about Obiwan’s height now, the boy would surely surpass him in a year or so.
“There are many different ideas of virginity….,” Obiwan swallowed,
Anakin laughed, pushing his master back down on the bed. “Then, I want you to take what I can’t do myself…”
“And just what can’t you do yourself, judging by the noises coming from your room every night?”
Anakin rolled his eyes, “Things with a partner….You know. Things I want to give you…. Or if that makes you uncomfortable, think about it as what you could give me….” He ran a hand along his Master’s thigh.
His cock twitched. He’d be lying if he said his student wasn’t attractive, he had no doubt the boy would grow into a beautiful young man. But Anakin’s current age….. Their age gap in general…. The fact that this was his Padawan, his apprentice, someone he was supposed to be taking care of….. This was wrong. This was very wrong.
“Anakin, I can’t. It’s not right, you’re too young,” He went to push the kid away, Anakin fought back, pushing himself closer.
“But we waited! I’m old enough to understand what I’m getting into. Don’t treat me like a kid, because I’m not,” He was frustrated, he wanted this….
“You have no idea how juvenile that statement makes you sound,” Obiwan rolled his eyes up to the ceiling. Why was Anakin always such a headache?
“I don’t like anyone my age. Would you prefer if I find a random guy at a bar? You know I can get into them,” He wiggled his eyebrow. Boyish, challenging….
“Is that a threat?”
“Maybe,” Anakin teased, licking his lips. “I want someone older…” He wanted Obiwan to know left to his own devices he wasn’t going to choose any of his approved options. “It’s you, or its going to be some guy you don’t know. And my first choice is you,” There was no other choice.
“You’re my student,”
“And you’re my Master, I want to submit to you,”
Obiwan scoffed, “Then submit to me and stop this whole thing,”
“No,” Anakin gently pushed his master back onto the bed and kissed him. “I want it to be you. I want to choose who I get to be with and what they mean to me. You mean a lot to me, Master,”
“We could be expelled for this you know,”
“I know,” Anakin kissed him again, hand gently holding his Master’s wrists, one running through his hair. “If you didn’t want me, you’d fight harder,” He opened his masters tunic, feeling his warm chest.
“What if I’m not because I want to protect you?” Grudgingly he sighed into his Padawan’s touch, “Anakin, you’re always getting yourself into trouble,”
“And you’re not?”
“You’re always dragging me into trouble,”
“If you didn’t love me, you wouldn’t follow,”
“I don’t love you,”
Anakin gave a sad smile, “You’re right, this isn’t about love,” He lied to himself, “I’m horny and I want the touch of a man. Any man, but I’d prefer it to be you,”
Obiwan didn’t meet his eyes. He knew he loved the boy, cared about him, was still debating and conflicted over whether or not he wanted him but…. If it wasn’t him, Anakin would find somebody worse.
“Ok,” He sat up, shifting the younger boy back and he removed their tunics. “You can have me, but on one condition,”
“Yes Master, what is it?”
“Don’t get attached to me,” Obiwan knew it was already too late for himself….

Re: {FILL 2/?]Re: Obi-Wan/Anakin, bottom!Anakin, underage, first time

(Anonymous) 2016-01-19 07:04 am (UTC)(link)
I hope you end up writing more but I'm just happy you wrote anything at all! I would love to see a bossy bottom!Anakin though... ;)

Also that last part oh god the feels. Poor Ani. They just need to both admit that they love each other D:

Re: {FILL 2/?]Re: Obi-Wan/Anakin, bottom!Anakin, underage, first time

(Anonymous) 2016-01-19 11:23 pm (UTC)(link)
But they won't admit anything because they are Jedi! (Anakin will work on this and break down that rule, because he's a little shit)

I will try to write more. I am writing so much for so many things. Ah, the love of porn! But the world needs more Obikin. I'm always surprised at how small this ship is.

Re: {FILL 2/?]Re: Obi-Wan/Anakin, bottom!Anakin, underage, first time

(Anonymous) 2016-01-24 12:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Late reply but ugh. I know. I don't understand how this ship is not insanely popular? Like they literally ship themselves? Life is cruel.

Re: {FILL 2/?]Re: Obi-Wan/Anakin, bottom!Anakin, underage, first time

(Anonymous) 2016-01-27 02:24 am (UTC)(link)
Life is SO cruel~

I think a lot of the unpopularity has to do with the cannon Anidala ship (one which I like, I'm trash, I know) and Anakin's devotion to Padme, but our young Knight can have a little fun on the side can't he? I mean, Wifu is totally cool with Obiwan yeah? Anakin is an affectionate person; therefore a lot of affection to go around!

I don't know. It's always surprised me how big the Qui/obi ship is. Like, HUGE. Like I think Qui/Obi is the biggest queer ship Star Wars has ever seen and it was in ONE movie. (I like it, but AniObi is my bae)

I'm rambling.... I'm sorry. I posted more porn.

Re: {FILL 3/4]Re: Obi-Wan/Anakin, bottom!Anakin, underage, first time

(Anonymous) 2016-01-27 02:18 am (UTC)(link)
ALMOST THE FINAL STRETCH! (pun intended) I've had this done for a few days now, forgive me. But decided it would be nicer to give you pieces instead of one big mess. This is quite unedited though. I'll get a full edited version up on my A03 when it's done.

“So, you said you wanted things with a partner? Do you know where you want to start?” Obiwan gave him a coy smile, there was no turning back.
“I have a pretty good idea,” Anakin leaned down his master’s body, scooting back, going straight for the laces on the other’s trousers, pulling at them. Smug he was getting his way.
“This has been something I’ve wanted to try,” He gave his master’s underwear a quick lick before pulling them down just enough to get what he wanted. He gave it a few more licks, testing it out, testing his master’s reaction. Obiwan jumped at the contact and Anakin ran one firm lick up the length, before doing his best to take as much as he could into his mouth.
Obiwan flinched away, he felt Anakin smile around him, working his tongue against him inexperienced.
“No foreplay at all?”
Anakin took a moment to think, before popping off wetly to give a few deep hurried kisses and petting his master’s hair before returning to his task.
“I hardly think that counts,”
Anakin mumbled something around his cock in reply, pulling back to suck on the head.
“You know, that’s not how you give a blowjob,”
Anakin snorted, wrapping his tongue around the organ, rolling it back and forth.
“You need to move your head. Keep the suction and bob it a little. Try to go down as far as you can,”
For once the boy obliged eagerly, enthusiastically sinking his mouth down as far as he could bobbing, chocking for a moment, tears in his eyes.
“Be careful! And Ah-! And watch out for those teeth,”
Anakin bolted up, expression saying how sorry he was.
Obiwan reassuringly petted his hair, playing with his braid, “Your tongue feels good, just try not to be so eager,”
“I like how it feels on my end, this isn’t about you,” Anakin huffed, concern gone now that he knew his master wasn't hurt. Obiwan rolled his eyes, Always looking for a conflict…. Anakin sneered at him and went right back to what he was doing; Kissing at the tip, licking, nipping him, bobbing every once in a while, eventually trying to take more. Lots of moaning. It was wet. Drool was everywhere, and his Padawan seemed to be having a great time judging from the happy purring sounds he was making.
Eventually said Padawan pulled off, pained expression, trail of drool following him.
“My jaw hurts,” He tenderly felt it, as if unable to believe such a thing.
“That happens,” Obiwan smiled, rubbing the boy’s jaw for him. “Are you ready for something else?”
Anakin nodded. He’d grown painfully hard from the blowjob, shaking badly from his need to come, the amount of precum he was leaking should have been embarrassing if he were to acknowledge it. He’d taken care not to touch himself during the blowjob, he had slipped two fingers inside himself unable to help it, needing to feel more.
“Turn around and kneel on the bed,” He did, arms shaking with excitement.

This was it. He wiggled his hips in anticipation, waiting for Obiwan's fingers. He'd stretched himself in the shower beforehand, and his skin was still soft with oil.
He felt a callused hand run down his rear. He grit his teeth, burying his face in the pillow. The wait was killing him. A finger ran down his crack, circling his pucker before thumbs spread him apart.
He tensed, thinking that his master was going to go at him dry until something wet touched his opening. Something wet and warm, and extremely dexterous, was erotically worming it's way into him, hitting all of the right spots. Anakin screamed, clutching the pillow to his face, hips arching uncontrollably.
"What is that?" He panted, barely able to get any words out.
He could hear Obiwan chuckle, "My tongue, young one. Tell me, have any of your fantasies contained anything like this?"
Anakin's eyes rolled back in his head, muscles tensing. No, no he had never even imagined something like that. A tongue? There? Ohhhhh..... from now on he'd be taking ideas from his stuffy old master.

..............to be continued because i'm definitely not just leaving Ani like this.... Or should I leave him begging? I want to leave him begging because I'm cruel. (No, you are definitely getting a finale for this ;) I'm sorry if rimming isn't your thing. I just kind of wanted to shock virgin!Ani with ideas he'd never thought about without being BDSM cruel, just a little bit of kink to go with your kink.

Re: {FILL 3/4]Re: Obi-Wan/Anakin, bottom!Anakin, underage, first time

(Anonymous) 2016-01-29 12:02 am (UTC)(link)
OMG you are killing me! I love rimming. :') What a pleasant surprise. I'm so glad you posted more. Obi telling Ani how to blow him and Ani being a bratty little virgin and ugh. This made me very happy.

Re: {FILL 3/4]Re: Obi-Wan/Anakin, bottom!Anakin, underage, first time

(Anonymous) 2016-01-29 01:47 am (UTC)(link)
I'm glad. I'm really enjoying writing this. So rereading the last section of it I feel like I need to edit that a bit more. I should have the last section done for you sometime next week. I love our bratty little virgin who is soon to be deflowered xD

Re: {FILL 3/4]Re: Obi-Wan/Anakin, bottom!Anakin, underage, first time

(Anonymous) 2016-01-30 10:14 am (UTC)(link)
YAY I'm excited! Looking forward to Obi-Wan taking Anakin's innocence >:) (not that he was really innocent in the first place though I mean let's be real here)

Re: {FILL 3/4]Re: Obi-Wan/Anakin, bottom!Anakin, underage, first time

(Anonymous) 2016-02-03 02:06 am (UTC)(link)
Bein' real; he was never innocent. Do we even want to know what he did to himself alone in his room? I think so, but that's another fic. >:3 I will be making the cherry poppin oh so delicious (Hopefully).

Re: {FILL 3/4]Re: Obi-Wan/Anakin, bottom!Anakin, underage, first time

(Anonymous) 2016-02-07 02:04 am (UTC)(link)
Oh man, now you've got me wishing that fic existed... though I think I can imagine what Ani might get up to in his alone time ;)

Re: FILL (4/4) Obi-Wan/Anakin, bottom!Anakin, underage, first time

(Anonymous) 2016-02-09 01:45 am (UTC)(link)
AAANNNDDD DONE! Damn, I'm really sad to see this fic end. I was having so much fun with it. Underage brat Anakin is particularly yummy ;p I wrote you 4 more pages of porn. about 4,000 words in all now. Whooot! Hope you enjoy! (Took more rimming into account because both you and me seem to have that kink ;3 ) An edited up version will be posted on A03 sometime, with touched up sex scenes.

“Ah-Ahhhhhhhmmm! –stop touching me there! I thought you were going to fuck me!”
“I am fucking you!”
“You’re fucking me with your tongue!”
“Yeah, and you love it. Look how wet you’ve gotten the sheets,”
“I want you to fuck me with your cock!”
“Can we please stop using this word ‘fucking’, It has no finesse to it,” Obiwan licked around the boys rim, planting kisses to the sensitive skin. Beard scratching young ass cheeks.
“Stop! You’re going to make me cum!”
“Isn’t that what you want?”
“I want to come from your cock!” Anakin grabbed the bed harder, biting the pillow, face flushed from arousal. He was leaking terribly, ready to burst at any moment, voice shaking.”Touch me!” He reached a hand out to tug at his balls, prolong his orgasm. Obiwan surged his tongue deeper, thrusting it in and out. Anakin screamed, grasping at himself as his orgasm hit. Spurts of thick liquid soiled the bed as he ground his hips against Obiwans face. The older man supported him as his body spasamed, it was unreal. He was a shuddering mess, Obiwan flipped him over stroked the last of his seed out of his over sensitive cock, engulfing the organ and sucking, this time facial hair tickling the inside of his thighs. He couldn’t stop his body from moving, it arched and it bucked and eventually sunk down on a pair of callused fingers sending pressure directly to his prostate. He passed out. His heart was beating a million miles an hour and this was…. This was too much. This was heaven.
Drool and lube leaked out of him as ObiWan set the unconscious boy on the bed, painfully hard himself. Anakin was a handful, but it was it was nice to see him so satisfied.
Obiwan sat back on the pillows next to the boy and began to slowly jerk himself off imagining the boy’s soft lips and his bright eager eyes, padawan braid tickling his leg, moans of pleasure from the boy…. Young body vulnerable and begging.
He closed his eyes, focusing on the breathing, not the happily fucked out fifteen year old cuddling a pillow next to him. The boy was beautiful, hair dishelved, skin glistening, emitting calm feelings and utter peace, so content. Obiwan looked away.
This was still wrong. He shifted to leave, in favor of finishing himself in the bathroom. A floppy hand caught him on the thigh.
“I’m not finished with you,” Anakin smiled giddily into the pillow. Obiwan sighed and continued to get up. Anakin scrambled up from the bed, body still rubbery from orgasm. “Stay,” He pulled his master backwards. Obiwan could have fought him if he wanted to, Anakin was still unsteady, blissin his eyes. The boy was intoxicating. He let the boy push him to sit against the headboard, cock still out, still hard.
“I still want my birthday present,” Anakin leaned over him, palm on his bare muscular chest, semi-hard youthful cock brushing against his larger one.
“I gave you your birthday present, you need to wait another year for the rest,”
Anakin smiled hazily, straddling his lap, rubbing his ass on the older man’s cock, “You know I’m not going to do that,”
Obiwan groaned, shuddering at the touch. Bare skin on bare skin. Anakin was still wet, his balls were warm and heavy against Obiwan’s belly.
“Why do you always need to fight me?”
“Why do you always need to fight me, Obiwan?”
“Because I’m the master and you’re the padawan-ack! Stop that,” Anakin had started rubbing his body over the length of his master’s cock, teasing but no penetration,
“Why do you always deny yourself what you know you want?” He gently pushed Obiwan farther back, older man under his spell. “Being a Jedi is a constant exercise in self restraint-un! Being a functional civilized being requires self-restraint,”
“Mmm,” Anakin nodded knowingly, lining his master’s organ up with his entrance, “I don’t want to be civilized or functional,”
He slowly slid down onto the intrusion. Obiwan’s legs stiffened. Anakin petted his master’s face, “It’s ok, I want this,” He kissed his Master’s nose. “it’s ok because it’s you. I want this because it’s you,” Fully seated he began to rock his body back and forth, to grind his body into his master’s, to become one. He kissed Obiwan again. “I love you, you know that?”
“Anakin, you’re not supposed to love me,”
“But I do,” He experimented in moving a little, lifting up a few inches and lowering himself back down. There was a slight tingling but minimal stretch and pain.
“You’re taking this really well, Anakin,” He petted the boy’s face, fisting his braid, bringing the end close to kiss the hair.
“My dildo’s bigger than you are,”
Obiwan choked, eyes flying open, “I didn’t need to know that,”
Anakin threw his hands up defensively shrugging, “I wanted you to know you weren’t going to hurt me!” He bucked his hips and rolled them again, “Besides,” A darker expression haunted his face, “I like you better than my dildo. You’re warmer,” He thrust his hips down for emphasis, “And your texture is better,” Another jolt. “Synthflesh has nothing on you,” He shook his hips feeling his master move inside him. Sighing he arched his back, pulled up and sunk all the way down again. He smiled, looking into Obiwan’s eyes. “I like this. Thank you,” He kissed his master, softly, tenderly, cock continuously growing harder.
His thin arms encircle broad shoulders.
“Such a sweet boy,” Anakin laughed into the kiss,
“You don’t say that everyday,”
“I normally don’t have a reason to,” Obiwan petted the youth’s hair, pulling at the short ponytail. Anakin pouted.
“I think you like when I’m not sweet,”
“Oh really?”
“Yeah. I think you’re excited that I’m such a cockslut,” He raised himself all the way to the tip before dropping himself all way down, suddenly grimacing at the unexpected jolt of hitting deeper on his insides than normal. He paused before doing it again wincing.
“Are you sure my cock isn’t too much for you, little ‘cockslut’? I thought you said your dildo was bigger than me,”
Anakin snorted, “It’s not like I get much experience riding a dildo,”
“Would you like me to give you some experience?”
Anakin smiled devilishly, biting his master’s neck, “Oh, yes please,” He started bouncing his hips.
Obiwan’s hands clasps around his buttock, gripping that small ass possessively as it did it’s best to milk him. He could feel Anakin clenching as he raised and lowered his body, picking himself up then dropping his weight roughly. The bed shook with the boy’s efforts. Wet noises could be heard from their union, which Anakin seemed to revel in. Obiwan arched his hips up to meet his padawan’s thrusts. He saw stars. The young man above him was truly magnificent. Faintly muscled chest eye level, slick with sweat. Pert nipples. Obiwan couldn’t help himself, he reached forward and suckled one of those brown nubs.
Anakin tensed and spasmed, hard cock nudging the other’s abs. “Ahhh Ah!” He reached back to support himself on the other’s knees, continuing his thrusts. Obiwan was close.
He kneaded that small, soft ass, skin warm and pliable. He helped pick up the boy and drop him on his lap over and over again, and Anakin went wild withering, reaching a hand forward to tangle in his master’s hair.
“Fill me up,” He shook his hips, “I’m empty, I need you. I want to feel you come in me,” He quickened his pace, and Obiwan couldn’t take it anymore.
Quickly he flipped the boy over on the bed, pinning him by the ankles, ass up in the air; he started thrusting. Anakin groaned and smiled underneath him, free hands gripping the sheets. “Yeah! Like that,” He was breathless, his body was jerking on his own accord, he could feel obiwan’s muscles grow even tighter as the man’s orgasm wracked through him. His pace grew erratic and he pushed Anakin harder into the mattress, kissing him hard as he shot his load. Anakin moaned, ushering Obiwan closer, wanting to take it all. He could feel the thick white fluid coat his insides and it was intoxicating. He felt so full. So good…. Oh. He orgasmed himself, clenching around the dick, milking it even more. His master’s pupils were blown wide. His own release smeared over his chest. They rode the waves of bliss for what seemed like eternity, but that eternity would never be long enough.
They fell panting onto the bed, Obiwan releasing his apprentices legs, nuzzling into the boy’s sweaty hair. Anakin wrapped shaky arms around his master, pulling him closer, making sure he wouldn’t leave.
High on the feeling of relief, they fell asleep.

The next morning Obiwan tried to pretend it didn’t happen, carefully untangling himself from his apprentice, but Anakin’s arm wrapped around his neck as he was trying to leave.
“It feels good not being a virgin anymore. Arent’ you glad I didn’t wait until I was eighteen?”
Obiwan shook his head, pushing the boy away. Anakin held him back and kissed his shoulder. “That was fun, Master. We should do it again,”
“Anakin! We can’t,”
“Why not,”
“It’s against all the rules,”
“I like going against the rules,”
"What am I going to do with you!?"
Anakin smiled cheekily, "Fuck me into submission,"

Re: FILL (4/4) Obi-Wan/Anakin, bottom!Anakin, underage, first time

(Anonymous) 2016-02-09 09:16 am (UTC)(link)
*heavy breathing*

!!! That was sooo hot, oh my god. I'm so happy you added more rimming. I was sure that there was no way it could possibly get any better, and then: "My dildo's bigger than you are." OMG. I died. Fifteen year old cockslut Anakin is the fuckin best. I seriously love you, anon. This was everything I wanted. Thank you x1000. <3 <3

And, y'know, if you ever wanted to write more in this bratty cockslut!Ani 'verse... I would not be opposed. ಠ‿ಠ

Re: FILL (4/4) Obi-Wan/Anakin, bottom!Anakin, underage, first time

(Anonymous) 2016-02-09 12:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Mmmm, Well.... if you give me a good prompt and I may ;3

I'M SO HAPPY YOU LIKE IT! I LOVE WHEN ANONS REPLY BACK TO ME! IT GIVES ME ENCOURAGEMENT! MORE ANI/OBI PORN FOR THE WORLD!! I'm glad it filled everything you wanted XD I was worried I didn't use my 'master' 'padawan' terms enough lmao. I know I definitely got the guilt and the 'enthusiastically consensual'.

Damn, you reply fast!

Re: FILL (4/4) Obi-Wan/Anakin, bottom!Anakin, underage, first time

(Anonymous) 2016-02-10 11:18 am (UTC)(link)

Hmm... maybe something where Anakin shows Obi-Wan how good he can be with that dildo of his. ;) Maybe he walks in on Ani fucking himself with it. Maybe he's doing it on Obi's bed because he's annoyed that Obi won't fuck him again even though he keeps begging and he's a brat and he would probably do that. Or anything else, I would read it! (But like don't feel pressured or anything to write more because I am just very grateful for what you've already given me!)

Damn, you reply faster!

Re: FILL (4/4) Obi-Wan/Anakin, bottom!Anakin, underage, first time

(Anonymous) 2016-02-10 12:23 pm (UTC)(link)
Mmmmm *drools* I like that. I like that a lot.

I can see that. And then Obiwan needs to resist the urge to take the boy right there, and Ani is absolutely begging him to do it. Mmmmmm, yes. this is why I kink meme.

I have no life and I can check kink meme on my phone......

Re: FILL (4/4) Obi-Wan/Anakin, bottom!Anakin, underage, first time

(Anonymous) 2016-02-10 10:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Yes. And Obi-Wan makes a valiant effort to resist, he really does, but Anakin is way too good at making him compromise him morals. And maybe he's a little rough with the boy, pins his wrists to the mattress and fucks him hard, because he really just wants to wipe that infuriating smug look off the boy's face, because "This isn't a game Anakin, stop grinning like you've won something." Except he totally has won, and they both know it, and Obi-Wan is more than a little disappointed with himself for his lack of self-control. Damn his seductive little nymphet of a Padawan. He's not going to let it happen again. (It totally happens again.) (Time for a cold shower lmao)

Don't worry, I also have no life. I've had the kink meme open on my phone for like a month straight now.

Re: FILL (4/4) Obi-Wan/Anakin, bottom!Anakin, underage, first time

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Yesss!!! And Anakin loves antagonizing him because it's more fun when it's hard, and he can tease his master about how riled up he's getting. "Be careful, you don't want to hurt me, do you?" *innocent face*

BTW your line is gold "This isn't a game Anakin, stop grinning like you've won something."

*brofist!* This needs to happen


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Re: Second fill 1/2

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Okay, I'm coming really late to this party (like, one year late, okay) but I stumbled on this prompt a few days ago and I was really itching to fill it, so I did and I wanted to share it with you. I haven't read the previous fill yet, so I'm sorry if this is somewhat similar or if it isn't and you hate it. It's mostly florn, so yeah, I hope you're into that.

The door closes with a soft thud behind Obi-Wan’s back. All his rationality stays outside, waiting patiently on the other side of the metal panel for the Jedi to come back to his senses, in a few hours.
On his lips he still feels the weight of the last word he has spoken, ‘yes’, breathed out a few inches from Anakin’s lips. Such a simple word shouldn’t bring with her such a vast range of feelings, so conflicting they can break down the strongest of men.
(Obi-Wan doesn’t remember the last time he saw himself as strong)
Anakin smiles and caresses his face, a wild joy glittering in his blue eyes, swelling up his heart, making his lithe body shiver.
It reminds Obi-Wan of simpler times, of easier concessions he had made over the years, his first sip of emerald wine, a trip to Cloud City or an immense bowl of Neuvian sundae for his eleventh birthday.
Five years have passed since then, and now a dessert isn’t enough to satisfy all of Anakin’s needs. Now Anakin doesn’t ask, he demands, and Obi-Wan finds it harder and harder not to give in, until he does.
This is no different than all the other times, Obi-Wan thinks to himself as Anakin wraps his arms around his shoulders. He sighs. I should have never…, a voice starts in his head, but it’s interrupted by Anakin’s lips trailing kisses along his bearded jaw. I should have known…, it tries again, but dies down when Anakin thrusts his thigh between Obi-Wan’s legs, making his breath hitch.
He should have known better, years ago, but he hadn’t. He should know, now, but he doesn’t.
What he does know is how warm Anakin is, pressed against his body, how light his body feels in his arms when he wraps his arms around his thin waist and lifts him up, how pretty he is when he lies him down on the bed, a mischievous smile tainting his otherwise angelic features.
«Anakin, are you sure of this?» Obi-Wan asks, equally hoping and fearing that the boy would change his mind before it’s too late. But Anakin nods.
«Master, I’m sure. I want this, I’m ready.» His voice is shivering with excitement, and in his mind Obi-Wan doesn’t sense the faintest trace of doubt or fear. Only trust and love and lust, coming out of him in inebriating waves lapping at the shores of Obi-Wan’s consciousness.
«I want this,» Anakin repeats softly, reaching out to caress the other’s cheek. Obi-Wan leans into his touch for a brief moment before sighing and leaning down to kiss him gently. He expects the boy to be clumsy and inexperienced, but Anakin surprises him by promptly parting his lips and licking into his mouth with enthusiasm that quickly turns into passion.
He wraps his arms around his Master’s shoulders once again and Obi-Wan has to prop his forearms on the bed on both sides of the other’s head in order not to fall on him.
«Maybe I should be on top,» Anakin suggests when they part. Obi-Wan snorts.
«Don’t be so eager, my Padawan,» he replies with a smirk before kissing him again. He hates to admit how much he likes the touch of his lips, far softer and sweeter that he could ever imagine.
Anakin laughs and suddenly slips from under him and crawls backward to sit on the pillows with his back propped up against the headboard.
«I can’t help it, Master,» he says with a smirk, undoing his belt. «I want you too much,» he purrs and his smile softens, and even though he’s teasing, Obi-Wan can sense that he’s telling the truth.
He senses the depth of his desire, that isn’t just driven by his curiosity or his young age, but that’s strictly intertwined with the purest affection, glowing in his hearth like a sun, and just as scorching.
There’s nobody in the entire galaxy whom Anakin loves and respects more than his Master and that’s why he’s in his bed tonight, why he wants him to take his virginity.
The sound of the belt hitting the floor makes Obi-Wan snap back to the present, in which Anakin is removing his obi and tabard. The Jedi Knight is quick to go help him, kneeling on the bed in front of him.
The two strips of fabric soon fall over the edge of the bed and Anakin’s tunic opens to reveal he’s not wearing anything underneath. He grins at his Master’s surprise and leans in to kiss him, briefly, for added shock value.
«You didn’t forget to wash your under tunic again, did you?» Obi-Wan asks and Anakin laughs softly in response. He takes his hand and places it on his chest.
Obi-Wan can feel his heart hammering under his palm as he caresses the boy's smooth skin. He glides down his lean body, following the soft lines that define the muscles he's been building up lately, lingering on the scratches and bruises from his combat training and stopping lastly at the bottom of his tum, where a short trail of soft, pale blond hair peeks from the low waist of his trousers.
He lifts his eyes on Anakin to see him staring down at his hand and nibbling at his lower lip.
Obi-Wan smiles as his Padawan looks up with his breath short and his eyes wide and expectant.
The Jedi Master leans in to give him a slow, lingering kiss, sucking on his lower lip where he tastes a faint trace of blood, before moving to his jaw, up to his ear and down his neck to his shoulders, relishing in hearing Anakin hold his breath and squirm at every kiss.
He pauses when he meets the edge of the fabric and helps the boy take off his tunic. As he stops to take in the sight of his half naked Padawan, Anakin suddenly frowns and clicks his tongue before reaching out to start undressing his Master.
Obi-Wan chuckles softly and watches him fumble with the strips of fabric around his waist. He shrugs off his tunic and lets Anakin remove the inner one, shivering at his hands brush along his arms.
Anakin drops the clothes on the floor and then pauses, gawking at his Master, awe and uncertainty in his blue eyes. He leans forward and kisses Obi-Wan on his neck, a brief touch with trembling lips. Then he tries to mimic what the other just did to him, slow and hesitant at first, but gaining confidence as he hears his reactions.
Obi-Wan remains still and lets him wander all over his chest, lets him explore his body and discover his abilities.
Maybe he occasionally exaggerates his gasps to encourage him, but there's nothing untrue to the breathy moan that escapes his mouth as Anakin sucks one of his nipples, nor he's faking the shudders he gets when the boy trails his tongue along his collarbones before nibbling at his Adam's apple.
Seeing his content smile after that is as rewarding as the physical pleasure he gives him.
They look at each other with mirroring grins and they lean in at the exact same time, meeting in the middle and laughing as they kiss. Anakin lets himself fall on the bed and pulls Obi-Wan with him, so that he's pressed against him. The Jedi feels his Padawan's erection pressed against his thigh and suddenly his mouth goes dry.
Sensing his Master's change of emotion, Anakin caresses his hair gently.
«Don't be afraid, Master. I told you, I'm ready,» he whispers staring right into his eyes. «I want this.» He kisses him and Obi-Wan finds the courage to slip down a hand and palm his bulge through his pants. Anakin moans into his mouth and nods. «This,» he purrs. Obi-Wan bites his lips, softly, and runs his fingers along the other's length, stopping right before the tip. «And this,» Anakin mutters, rocking his hips into his Master's hand and moaning again.
Obi-Wan closes his eyes for a moment and takes a deep breath, trying to find within himself the strength to maintain control. When he opens his eyes, Anakin is staring at him with a crooked grin as he bites his lower lips and the older Jedi groans, equally frustrated and amused by how much that boy is able to turn him on.
«You shouldn’t tease me so much, my young Padawan,» he says, his voice a low growl coming from gritted teeth, a few inches away from Anakin’s face.
«But I like it, Master,» Anakin replies defiantly, slightly pouting his lips.
«Do you want me to lose control?» Obi-Wan asks, getting closer, trying to keep a straight face but being unable to hold back a grin. Anakin’s eyes light up at those words and his smile widens.
«I do, Master,» he purrs, nuzzling his beard before biting the soft skin under his ear.
«As you wish, then,» the Jedi Master snarls, keeping his voice down to hide the fact that it’s shaking, before pulling himself up abruptly. He straddles Anakin’s legs and grasps the fabric of his loose fitting trousers. He feels under his fingers that he’s not wearing his small clothes underneath and smiles despite himself, wondering briefly where and when his Padawan might have learned this things.
He doesn’t give himself the chance to hesitate, though, and with a Forceful tug, he rips Anakin’s pants apart, grinning when the boy gasps in surprise both at the gesture and the sudden rush of cold to his private parts. He instinctively tries to bring his hands to cover himself, but Obi-Wan intercepts them and keeps them away, pinning his wrists on the bed as he lowers to place quick, tingly kisses down his hipbone.
He keeps his senses alert, ready to stop at the first trace of discomfort from Anakin, but he only feels his growing arousal, engulfing his entire consciousness, as warm and throbbing as his erection, now barely two inches away from Obi-Wan’s face.
The Jedi Master looks up at his Padawan and their eyes lock together as he takes him into his mouth, sliding down until his nose is nuzzling the short, soft curls at the base, and then sucking hard. Anakin chokes on his moan, his back arching upwards as Obi-Wan wraps his tongue around him and comes up to the tip, where he sucks again.
«Master!» Anakin cries out, breathless.
It’s almost too easy, Obi-Wan thinks as he tilts his head to the side and grins, asking innocently: «Yes?»
Anakin doesn’t reply, but he lies still, panting and staring at the ceiling.
«Should I stop?» Obi-Wan asks seriously, letting go of his hands, voice streaked with worry. Anakin looks at him and shakes his head.
«No, Master. Please, go on,» he whines and Obi-Wan almost laughs from the relief as he understands that his naive Padawan is just struggling to deal with the overwhelming mix of sensation he’s receiving.
«If you ever need me to pause or stop or slow down just state it clearly, okay?» he says nonetheless and Anakin nods with decision.
«Yes, Master. I’m sorry I startled you,» he adds and Obi-Wan just smiles and shrugs his shoulders in response as he goes down on him again, easier this time.
He traces swirling patterns with his tongue on his warm skin, registering all his reactions, lingering over the spots that make him gasp or moan softly, holding him still as he squirms and caressing his hands when they clench the sheets.
Anakin’s mind feels mushy, hazy from the overload of pleasure and aching for a release that feels at the same time impending and countless light years ahead. Obi-Wan mouth is working skilfully around his weak spots, trying to keep things under control, to give them as much time as possible.
«Can you do what you did before?» he stammers as his Master is nibbling at the sensitive bridge of skin between his balls and his cock. Obi-Wan chuckles and obeys, bringing his lips around his glans and sucking softly as his tongue tickles the tiny hole on the tip.
He’s glad that Anakin is gaining enough confidence to ask for what he wants, but he’s careful not to give him too much, keeping his arousal under a certain level. He slides up and down his cock a couple of times and Anakin brings a hand to grasp his auburn hair, tugging lightly at hit in a way that sends shivers down the other’s spine.
Obi-Wan pulls up with a sigh, taking his time to admire naked Anakin sprawled in front of him, sweaty and panting and flushed. All of his worries are forgotten in front of such a beautiful sight and there’s no place for guilt as his heart swells up with the profound affection he feels for the boy.
«Master?» Anakin calls him, looking up at him.
«Will you take off your trousers, please?» the boy asks softly, so innocently it almost doesn’t sound as if he’s asking him to get naked, and the other can’t help but laugh.
«Why, is there something you want to see?» he teases and Anakin grins wildly and nods.
«Definitely. And I don’t like that you’re keeping it from me,» he plays along, sitting up and placing his hands on his Master’s hips. Obi-Wan leans down close to his face and whispers:
«Then I guess you’ll have to come find it.» He kisses him, plunging his tongue deeply into his open mouth while holding his face with a hand.
Anakin doesn’t let it distract him from his aim. He slips his hands over the hem of his trousers and pulls them down all at once, exposing the other’s still limp dick and starting stroking it hesitantly. Obi-Wan uses the Force to pull his pants down completely and drop them on the floor, before he deepens the kiss, bringing a hand behind his head and an arm around his waist to pull him up. Anakin slips out from under his legs to stand on his knees as he’s pressed up against him.
They’re almost the same eight now, Obi-Wan notices as Anakin brings up a hand to ruffle his hair with one hand while he strokes him slowly with the other.
Anakin notices it as well and it gives his confidence a significant boost. He’s grinning when he breaks from the kiss and starts trailing his lips down the other’s neck. He stops to leave a mark in the shallow nook between the base of his neck and his collarbone, before going on onto his shoulders, kissing and sucking, and down his chest.
His body hair tickle his lips, but he doesn’t stop until he reaches his nipple. There he lingers, dragging the tip of his tongue around if before closing his teeth around it and sucking, careful not to bite.
Obi-Wan moans loudly, surprised at his Padawan’s creativity, and Anakin can feel his cock grow harder in his hand as he keeps rubbing it.
«This is good,» Obi-Wan mutters, more to himself than to the other, but Anakin smiles nonetheless, appreciating his praise. He brings a hand to fondle the other nipple as he dares to close his teeth slowly around the one he’s sucking.
«Bite it,» he hears his rough voice order as his hand strengthens the grip on his head. Anakin obeys hesitantly and is surprised to hear him actually moan as he bites down on the turgid skin.
He could have never imagined his Master was aroused by pain, but he wasn’t in the place to judge him. As he lets go of his nipple to continue his journey down his abdomen, he alternates kisses and small bites, leaving small crescents all over his pale skin and admiring the way their redness pops up among older scars and scratches.
By the time he’s reached his hipbone, he’s forced to lean on his forearms and his ass is sticking up in the air, his smooth back arched downward in a way that makes Obi-Wan tingle inside.
He looks down to watch Anakin hold his cock up and wrap his thin lips around it, sliding down slowly, staring into his Master’s eyes, until the tip hits the back of his throat. Then he starts going back and forth, his Padawan’s braid swinging wildly, holding the base firmly with one hand as he fondles the balls with the other. Obi-Wan closes his eyes and tilts his head backwards, running his fingers through his Padawan’s short hair and letting himself enjoy the moment.

Re: Second fill 2/2

(Anonymous) 2017-03-06 09:56 am (UTC)(link)
Once again, Anakin gets creative. Taking inspiration from what his Master did to him earlier, he plays around with his tongue and his teeth, testing the older Jedi’s boundaries. He nibbles gently at the head before wrapping his tongue around it and sucking hard, he runs his partially bared teeth along the entire length before sucking on his balls, he presses his tongue flat against it and licks his way up slowly, stopping to lap at the frenulum.
Obi-Wan’s breath races and stalls, he opens his eyes to look at his Padawan in disbelief, until a new idea of his forces him to close is eyes again and drags a moan out of his sore throat. Anakin doesn’t know what he’s doing, but he’s doing it far too well, undermining the last bit of self-control Obi-Wan had saved for this moment. He doesn’t want to stop, he doesn’t want to rush it, but what else can he do if Anakin doesn’t… if Anakin...
«Anakin!» he cries out right when the boy is biting the folded edge of his foreskin. «Stars, Anakin,» he growls, breathless, grabbing him by his shoulder and pulling him up into a rough kiss before slamming him down on the bed.
Anakin looks up confused and a bit hurt, but he doesn’t have the time to ask anything before Obi-Wan lifts his legs up and backwards and brings his mouth to his ass. The boy gasps loudly as he feels his Master’s tongue lap at his arsehole, tracing circles around it and tempting his entrance. He tries to expand his mind to reach Obi-Wan’s, to understand what he’s feeling, but all he feels is a scorching sense of something close to hunger, flashing in bright shades of red, burning out any other thought or emotion. When he touches it, he feels its heath bleed into his consciousness for a moment before he’s chased away from it back into the safe perimeter of his own mind.
Obi-Wan lets his hips fall down on the bed and takes a deep breath to calm himself. He can’t risk losing control like this. He doesn’t want to scare Anakin, or worse, hurt him.
«Are you all right?» he asks softly and he’s relieved when Anakin says yes.
«Are you?» the boy asks, a confused worry in his thin voice, and Obi-Wan nods reassuringly.
«I’m fine if you are, my young Padawan,» he replies smiling, gently caressing the side of his thigh. He slowly slides a hand along the crack of his ass, bringing a finger to follow the damp trace left by his tongue.
«I really liked that, Master,» Anakin says honestly, bending his knees and parting his legs to make way for the other.
«Oh, did you?» Obi-Wan chuckles. He leans forward and thrusts his cock in between the boy’s cheeks as he pokes at his hole with one finger. «Do you like this?»
Anakin nods, biting his lower lip. He feels a lot shier now, slightly intimidated by the strength of his Master’s feelings and uncertain about what is coming next. Sure, he knows the rough theory, but suddenly the practical thing seems a lot stranger than he thought.
«So, first you need to be stretched, if you don’t want to be hurt,» Obi-Wan explains calmly. He raises a hand towards his bedside table, channels his Force and makes a small gesture to his right and upwards. Anakin hears a drawer open and close before a small black plastiflex vase flies from it and lands gracefully into the Jedi’s outstretched hand. He opens it and takes a small amount of a sort of smooth transparent cream from it. He spreads part of it onto his fingers and uses the rest to cover Anakin’s hole.
The boy flinches at the first contact with the cold slimy paste, making his Master’s chuckle, but he quickly gets used to it, or at least gets distracted by the way Obi-Wan’s fingers massage the sensitive skin between his cheeks and his balls. He’s so relaxed he almost doesn’t notice when he penetrates him with the tip of his index. Seeing his absence of reaction, the Jedi slides in the rest of the finger, and the boy gasps in surprise when he feels his knuckles hit him.
Now he definitely feels it.
«Relax,» Obi-Wan says softly and Anakin doesn’t fight his mind influence, letting all the muscles in his body loosen up. He parts his legs bends his hips upwards as the Jedi begins to move around, thrusting his finger back and forth and slowly, gradually extending a weak Force field around it, giving Anakin all the time to adjust to every size change, stretching him gently so that he never feels pain.
«Is it always such a slow process?» Anakin whines, always impatient, and Obi-Wan laughs.
«It gets faster with experience, but you should never skip preparation. You risk serious injuries if you do,» he answers. «Trust me, my young Padawan. This wait will be rewarding.» He grins, sliding in a second finger.
Anakin groans, but the initial discomfort fades quickly into a dull pleasure given by the gentle friction. Obi-Wan takes his time, partly because he truly wants the boy to be prepared and partly enjoying too much the sight of him being stretched out before him, the feeling of him clenched around his fingers, the pride of being the only one entrusted with such a delicate privilege. Carnal pleasure isn’t but a fortunate consequence of Anakin’s reverence, but it’s his love that Obi-Wan craves to feel. His unwavering faith, his unconditional affection, the shared fate that binds them together.
He arches his fingers upwards to massage his prostate and Anakin moans loudly, surprised at the sudden rush of pleasure.
«I think you’re ready, whenever you feel like it,» Obi-Wan whispers, removing his fingers, but keeping up the Force field inside of Anakin as he leans down on him to kiss his tum first and his lips second. He comes back up, takes a generous amount of lubricant from the little vase he left in a corner of the bed and slathers his cock with it, stroking himself as he watches Anakin’s hole clenching around what looks like solid air. When he’s done, he starts thrusting his dick against his Padawan’s ass, poking his hole with it, lubricating it some more.
«I’m ready, Master. I’m ready,» Anakin breaths out, rocking his hips against Obi-Wan’s crotch. He Jedi smiles, aligning with his hole and slowly sliding inside, calling the Force field off and substituting it with his cock.
Anakin gasps, his mouth opening to form a perfect circle as his smooth skin flushes. He looks like a doll, Obi-Wan thinks and smiles fondly, caressing his face and his hair and his chest as he plunges balls-deep inside of him. All his feelings mixed with the sensation of his tight and warm arsehole clenched around him are almost overwhelming for the older Jedi. Despite all his experience, Anakin is somehow able to mess with him like no one else.
«This's good,» Anakin stammers breathless, slowly starting to move around him, rocking his hips only slightly, testing his own reactions. He feels his Master's cock throb inside of him, filling him up, making him feel a strong sense of completion, both physical and emotional.
Obi-Wan reaches out to his mind, gently intertwining their consciousness to get a glimpse of what his Padawan is feeling. Anakin leans into the mental connection, pouring all of himself out for his Master to see, to sense, to share. Obi-Wan takes everything in and reciprocates generously, outstretching his pleasure and his love and his pride to let him see, to make him understand.
«Oh, Master,» the boy calls softly, his voice shaky and his eyes blurred by tears. The strength and depth of Obi-Wan's feelings is too much for him to handle, but he can't stop basking in their warmth.
«It's okay, Annie,» Obi-Wan whispers reassuringly as he places gentle kisses on his cheeks, wiping the tears from his eyes. Slowly, he dims the mental connection without severing it, giving his Padawan relief from the weight of his feelings and distracting him by starting to move inside of him.
He pulls back and thrusts forward, gently at first but quickly gaining speed as he senses Anakin's desire swell up in his mind.
It doesn't take long for the boy to start rocking his hips into him, a chain of rough moans coming from his mouth like a chant. He wraps his legs around Obi-Wan's hips and pulls himself up abruptly, clinging on his Master's shoulders as he lowers himself on his cock.
Obi-Wan sits back on the bed and lets Anakin ride him, encouraging his pace by thrusting his hips upwards and relishing every time he hears him cry or moan or call his name. He brings up a hand to rub his nipples while he starts stroking his dick with the other.
«Yes, Master, please,» the boy cries out as his movements get more frantic.
Obi-Wan takes the lead again. The pulls out, chuckling at Anakin's disappointed groan, stands up and makes him bend and all fours. He pauses for a moment to lick inside his ass before plunging into him again, harder this time.
Anakin moans loudly, his voice getting hoarse, and all his limbs are shivering so much they struggles to hold him up. His arms give in as Obi-Wan starts masturbating him again and he lies with his head on the pillows and his back arched up. Obi-Wan bends down and starts kissing and biting his neck, careful to leave marks only where he knows the Jedi tunic will cover them.
«I think...» Anakin stammers, unable to finish the sentence and delivering it mentally. Obi-Wan laughs and makes him turn around one last time.
«I want to watch you come,» he explains laying him on his back. Slowly, he pulls almost all the way out and then slams into him. Anakin cries, his nails digging into his Master's thigh. Obi-Wan repeats it a few times, getting faster with each thrust, and he can almost pinpoint the exact moment Anakin breaks down.
He stops in mid-gasp, holding his breath and his mouth widens, letting out a choked scream as his mind bursts with a scorching white light as he comes forcefully all over his chest.
Obi-Wan pulls out and quickly finishes himself off by masturbating to the sight of Anakin lying helplessly on the bed, shaking and panting, frantically trying to come back to his disrupted senses.
He comes on his chest too and gets a wonderful glimpse of his Padawan covered in semen before adrenaline fades into exhaustion and his legs give him up, sending him face first on the bed.
They lie still for a while, listening to each other as they slowly recover their breaths and their mental function. After a few minutes, Obi-Wan starts feeling a strange sense of gratitude and it takes him a moment to realise it's not coming from him, but it's pouring out Anakin's mind, still connected to his.
He looks at the boy and sees a sheepish smile crawl out on his still flushed face, as his blue eyes glint with fondness. He turns on his side and pulls Anakin close to face him, leaning their foreheads together, feeling his warm breath on his lips.
«Are you happy?» he asks.
Anakin nods. «You know I am, Master,» he replies and Obi-Wan chuckles softly.
«Did it meet your expectations?»
Anakin shakes his head. «It was so much more than I could have ever imagined. You were right, I didn't know what I was asking for.» He pauses to nibble at his lower lip as he smiles. «But I'm glad I asked. And I’m glad it was you who gave it to me. It wouldn’t have been as special with someone else,» he says honestly, and Obi-Wan must concede his point.
He wouldn’t have allowed anyone else to have his Padawan the way he did, and he’s partly comforted by the knowledge that nobody will ever be able to have with Anakin the connection they shared. He’s sure than no one could take his place in his young Padawan’s heart.
He gestures in mid-air and a blanket flies from a closet to cover their naked bodies and Anakin curls up against his chest, nuzzling his beard and making a low purring noise. Obi-Wan laughs softly and rubs his back gently, humming at his ear an old Mandalorian lullaby he’d heard somewhere years ago, lulling him to sleep and following him shortly after.

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