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Star Wars Kink Meme Round #1

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Re: Poe/Finn Public frottage

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just a little something errantly written because i can never pass up public sex

“Shhhh, someone will hear us.”

Poe tries to be assertive, but it mostly falls flat because it’s hard to say no to Finn, not when everything (and he means almost everything) is so new to him. And it’s all the more hard when Finn’s pressed close to him, so close.

They had gotten off the ship and immediately run into a vacant hallway, trying their best to hide before the main area cleared off and they could make their move. It was, perhaps, not the most ideal place to start making out with your sort of…whatever they were, but Poe has had a difficult time well, not making out with him pretty much anywhere and this is as private a place as any they’d been as of late.

But then, Finn didn’t really know how to stop once they’d started because it was always too much. So eager, so desperate for Poe to touch him, do something to him, to make up for all of the years he didn’t, couldn’t. Sometimes, like right now, Poe didn’t even have to really touch him. He was up against him, grinding hard, and Poe has better control over himself than him, at least normally anyway, but he’s getting hard watching Finn want this so badly.

And so he gives up trying to stop him, instead tries to keep it all as quiet as possible. But still, he palms him, opens his pants but before he can do anything, Finn ruts against his hip and seems quite content to just do that as Poe kisses and nips along his jaw and neck. His cock is hard as he pants in Poe’s ear, overwhelmed by everything since meeting Poe, the Resistance, but finding that he really enjoys trying new things with him, especially in public. Yes, the risk of someone hearing them, just as Poe said, has an effect on him, one he does not necessarily understand, but he doesn’t really think he needs to.

Finn is close as he still rubs against Poe, breathing heavy, and Poe hears footsteps close to the hallway. He’s not sure if Finn can hear them too but he doesn’t want to stop him, not when he’s this close. They’re hidden, mostly, but only if no one hears them. Poe pulls him closer, gives him that much more friction, and puts a hand over Finn’s mouth to try and muffle any sound that escapes. Finn can breathe but it comes quick, short. He thinks about not being able to breathe because of Poe and files that away as something to bring up at a later time. For now though, this is enough, Poe scratching his side, clutching him, to make sure he stays out of sight. His cock is aching, throbbing, Poe must be able to tell how much he wants to come right now. So close. Poe can tell because his hand tightens, covers his mouth even more, needs to quiet him. It’s hard for Poe to manage this while he too is so turned on. He never thought he’d regress to his teenage self, horny because of everything, almost coming in his pants, but watching someone else be that is. Well, enough to regress. He’ll pull himself together right now, so Finn doesn’t have to, but it’s hard. So hard.

Finn comes but it’s still almost silent. The footsteps move closer, past the hallway, would probably look down it but no noise is coming, the two of them are so nervous they barely breathe, and a call comes from someone higher up and they move on. A visible exhale escapes them both. Then a smirk creeps on Poe’s face realizing what they’ve just done as Finn smiles into the crook of his neck. He relaxes back into his jacket (Poe’s jacket, he remembers sharply) and they can only laugh at their luck.

Re: Poe/Finn Public frottage

(Anonymous) 2015-12-22 07:29 am (UTC)(link)
Mmm, love how Poe can't help but get swept away by Finn's enthusiasm!

Re: Poe/Finn Public frottage

(Anonymous) 2015-12-22 01:11 pm (UTC)(link)
OP here! Thank you so much for filling this, it's perfect!
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Re: Poe/Finn Public frottage

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