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Star Wars Kink Meme Round #1

Rules For Everyone:
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  3. RPF is allowed
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Luke/Lando - Hurt/Comfort

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Lando is there for Luke after he lost his hand and discovered who his father was. Luke is here for Lando after he had to sell out his friend to save his city and then lost the city anyway.

They comfort each other and fall in love.

Re: Luke/Lando - Hurt/Comfort

(Anonymous) 2016-01-25 02:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Yes please!

Re: Luke/Lando - Hurt/Comfort

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[Fill] Luke/Lando - Hurt/Comfort

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Han/Luke or Han/Leia/Luke, Luke tells Anakin he's gay

(Anonymous) 2016-01-25 10:12 am (UTC)(link)

Luke is terrified about telling his father he's gay, but one day feels he has no choice because Anakin demands he be told why his son is so withdrawn these days.

So Luke tells him, and Anakin is horrified to see his son close to breaking down. He hugs him and, tells him he loves him no matter what. Luke then tearfully reveals he's in love with Han, his best friend who he thinks is after Leia. Anakin doesn't understand what power this irritating man seems to have over his two children, but tries to manipulate things so that his precious son will avoid him. He advises that if Han and Leia are an item - or nearly are, it would be best for Luke to leave them be.

Meanwhile, Han doesn't understand why Anakin Skywalker keeps giving him death glares whenever he's around, or why Luke has suddenly started avoiding him.

Eventual Han/Luke, or Han/Leia/Luke

Re: Han/Luke or Han/Leia/Luke, Luke tells Anakin he's gay

(Anonymous) 2016-01-25 11:03 am (UTC)(link)
If the writer chooses Han/Leia/Luke, are you wanting it to be Luke and Leia sharing Han but no incest, or do you really mean that you want Luke to be bi?

Finn/Rey, first time

(Anonymous) 2016-01-25 01:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Their first time doing more than kissing is giggly and cute and maybe a little awkward but still wonderful.

(I'd prefer sticking to frottage, oral, and/or handjobs/fingering, rather than going straight to p-in-v penetrative sex. It's their first time, there's no rush.)

Fill: Firsts And Feelings (Finn/Rey)

(Anonymous) 2016-01-25 09:23 pm (UTC)(link)
Laughter bubbles out of Rey, bouncing a little on the balls of her feet, her whole body feeling like a coiled spring that’s been set free. Another close call, another daring escape, but now they’re safely in hyperspace and she’s babbling and Finn’s babbling too - it reminds her so vividly of that first flight together, tearing over the desert and then the excitement that followed once they were clear of Jakku, that her heart skips a beat.

Her arms wrap around Finn’s neck, his around her waist. He pulls her up against him, his chest broad and hard against her softer curves, and her feet leave the floor. He spins her and Rey giggles, legs twirling out behind her.

She kisses him, still held up in his arms. It’s not the first time, and she’s grown to love the feeling of his smile against her lips. Finn sets her down gently, never breaking the contact between their mouths, and Rey pulls at the collar of his patched-up jacket. Something inside of her shivers; she doesn’t feel cold, and yet she’s starved for Finn’s body heat.

The kiss turns deeper, and it’s not the first time that’s happened either. But this time she feels every part of her that Finn isn’t touching like an ache, like an absence; the back of her knees and the curve of her spine and the tips of her ears.

She wants Finn’s warmth everywhere.

Rey pushes up on tiptoes, hips canting forward. Finn follows the arch of her body easily, his hand steadying her at the base of her back. Leaning into her, dipping her slightly, and it makes Rey dizzy, her tongue against Finn’s teeth. She squirms impatiently against him, one hand finding his shirt and tugging at it.

Finn lets her guide him, pulling him forwards as she takes preoccupied steps back until she feels the wall behind her. It’s better like that, she realises, the wall solid behind her, Finn just as solid in front of her. Rey wants him to push at her, press her against the wall harder and harder. She wants to feel pinned, and that’s not something she’d want from anyone else, but from Finn it’s different.

She trusts him. She adores him.

His lips move to her jaw, and the back of Rey’s head hits the wall a little too hard when she tries to give him more skin to kiss. He blinks at her in surprise, reaching up instantly to stroke her hair, to check if she’s hurt. Rey just laughs, shaking her head - she’s fine, she doesn’t want to stop.

She realises she’s still pulling at his shirt, and that the hem has ridden up. They’re stood close enough that she can’t see the bared strip of his stomach, but she yearns to. Desperately.

Rey kisses Finn again, tries to put everything she’s feeling right there in the movement of her lips against his. Warm desire, a sense of creeping urgency, that happiness she always feels when he’s near, and how it flares even brighter when he’s touching her. She sighs when the tip of his tongue curls inside her mouth, the tip tickling over her palate, feeling herself growing hotter and hotter between her thighs.

Finn looks a little off-balance when she pulls back, eyes glazed over, like the kiss has left him dizzy.

“I want,” she says plainly, lips almost touching his as they move. Rey doesn’t specify - she wants everything.

Finn’s lips curve into a soft smile. “Yeah?” he murmurs, barely above a whisper. He leans down, their foreheads touching, his nose pressed to her cheek. Just sharing the same air for a long moment, and Rey closes her eyes and enjoys the glow of his presence in the Force, the safety of him.

Her thumb brushes the exposed skin of his stomach, accidental as they breathe together, but then firmer, more deliberate. “I want,” she says again, and Finn nods, his body pushing into her touch.

Rey takes his hand, tugging him deeper into the Falcon’s living area. She’s smiling, can’t stop, that bubbly feeling still there and making her need to pause every few steps to kiss him, to touch him. Her fingers curl around his belt, Finn’s hand palms her ass, and Rey laughs and nudges him towards the bed.

She hesitates when her hands move against her own clothes. “Is this okay?” she asks, her smile turning a little shy. It seems ridiculous; they’re both fully grown adults, they’ve talked about sex, even if they’ve never gone this far with each other before.

But it’s Finn, and Rey feels this urge to make sure everything’s good, that he’s happy, that they’re on the same page.

He smiles wide enough at her that the edges of his eyes crease. “Definitely,” he promises, and Rey grins and pulls at the folds and fastenings of her jacket. Dropping fabric to the floor until she’s bare from the waist up, and it feels like a relief, like the clothing was stifling her, keeping her skin from his gaze.

Finn stares at her with slightly parted lips, like he’s lost for words.

“You too,” Rey urges, and he nods distractedly.

“Yeah, I - Yeah,” he manages, and then he’s stripping too, quick and enthusiastic. Rey yanks off her boots, her belt, and bites her lip at the sight of Finn’s chest, the firm muscles of his arms. Her pants puddle around her ankles, and she steps out of them, wearing only her underwear as she pushes into Finn’s space. The Falcon’s beds are roofed, and that makes it awkward to straddle his lap, but she’s determined to try. Especially when he kisses at her collarbone like that, hand curling low around the side of her chest.

Rey arches back, chest pushing up and out, her hand palming his scalp. He takes the hint readily, lips moving lower, and Rey lets out a soft moan when his mouth brushes her nipple. It’s ticklish at first, but Finn grows bolder, firmer, and Rey’s fingernails dig in a little, scratching at the base of his neck, when his tongue swirls against her skin.

His hand falls to her ass again, squeezing her there, and Rey’s hips buck, her cunt growing slick beneath the dark fabric of her underwear. The top of her head scrapes over the bed’s roof, and she wriggles over his thighs. “Lie down,” Rey tells him, wanting to feel herself stretched over him.

“Whatever you say,” Finn jokes, hurrying to comply. It takes a bit of awkward positioning, Rey not wanting to leave Finn’s lap, Finn’s hands not wanting to leave her skin. But then he’s laid out, and Rey’s weight can press down on him, and it’s perfect.

Their legs tangle together; he’s still wearing his pants, and the material is scratchy against her inner thighs. She swiftly undoes the button of his fly, and Finn’s hips are lifting for her to drag the pants down before she’s even finished with the zipper. Their laughter is breathless, scrambling to get him further undressed, and he ends up kicking the pants off so hard they sail across the room.

It’s even better when their chests push together without clothes. Rey can feel her breasts getting pressed against him, her nipples dragging over his skin when she shifts. She toys at his earlobe, holding it pinched gently between her teeth, and even through his shorts, Rey can feel the twitch of his cock, hard against her hip. She groans, grinding against him, and he answers with his own low sound, his fingers flexing against her waist.

She gropes blindly for his wrist, and she has to pull back a little to be able to drag his hand between them, but it’s worth it. “Touch me,” she gasps, and their hands move together, sliding between her legs, his fingers curling to push up against her labia through her underwear. Her hips roll forward, vision going blissfully white at the first real pressure there since they started, and Finn moans like he’s the one being touched.

He strokes her, smooth glide of his fingers over the fabric, and Rey loves it and knows it’s not enough. She braces her weight with one hand beside his head, the other pushing at her waistband. Finn helps her, even though it means removing his hand from between her legs, and they fidget together, Rey’s underwear being shoved down her legs, ending up lying on their sides, nose-to-nose.

His fingertips move over her stomach, and Rey knows she’s biting her lip again. She imagines her eyes are gleaming with excitement, and he’s watching her face like she’s incredible, beautiful, as his hand slides lower.

So much warmer without fabric in the way, and Rey gasps and tilts her hips as he strokes her. The glide of his hand is made easier by how wet she is for him, and Rey surges forward, nips at his bottom lip, her hand urging his down until he can push a finger into her. She opens for him easily, already wants more, canting her leg up so she can rest the inside of her knee against his hip.

“You feel so..” he mutters, his already low voice gone rougher. Rey rocks her hips, trying to get him deeper, and when Finn pushes another finger in beside the first she feels herself throb around him. She pushes her fingers against her clit, massaging it the way she always does when she touches herself. Finn’s chin presses down towards his chest as he watches, his hand twisting slightly, and then his thumb joins her fingers, trying to copy her pace.

He’s always been a quick learner, and Rey’s soon trembling against him, all her muscles pulled taut as the tension in her builds higher and higher. His fingers fuck her steadily, thumb working beside her fingers and pushing in circles against her clit. Rey pants against his neck as she burrows her face forward, the scent of fresh sweat and her own pleasure all around her. Her skin breaks out in goosebumps, cunt clenching up as her spine stiffens - she’s rarely vocal when she touches herself, but now her voice seems to echo around them as she comes.

Finn peppers her hair with kisses, fingers moving slower now but still inside of her. She clings to him, shaking through release, feeling like she’s breathing for the first time after being underwater for too long. She laughs when she pulls back, softly, more like a quivering exhale of air, just overwhelmed by the elation that’s coursing through her.

She smiles at him, and it would be easy to fall into that dreamy haze that’s tugging at the edges of her mind, to let all the strength rush out of her. But Rey can feel where Finn’s still hard against her, and she wants to share this happiness, wants him to feel as good as she does.

His fingers slip carefully free of her cunt, and Rey sighs at the loss of them. But she lets herself get distracted by peeling the waistband of his shorts down, and there’s more frenzied wriggling as they both try to get rid of that last scrap of fabric as quickly as possible, hands getting in each other’s way as much as helping.

His cock is thick and long, and Rey swallows, suddenly strangely aware of her mouth and a feeling of emptiness. She brings her palm to her face, licking at it quickly, getting the skin wet. Finn watches with wide eyes, and on an impulse Rey sweeps her hand down between her own legs, getting her palm even wetter with her juices.

Finn curses quietly, a dazed smile on his face.

He’s so hot in her hand when she wraps her fingers around him, blood pumping beneath the skin, dark and already shining damply at the head. She pushes her thumb there, smears his precome around, the flesh soft to the touch compared the harder feeling of his shaft. Finn’s hips push forward, just a little, like he’s trying to keep himself in check. But Rey doesn’t want that, doesn’t want him to have to hold back; she strokes him firmly, enjoying the hiss of his sudden inhale. His hips buck again, and she encourages it with another stroke, trying to find an angle that feels comfortable for her and works for him.

She knows she’s found it when Finn’s eyelids flutter closed, his breath whooshing out of him, a sultry warmth against her face.

Rey pumps him, following the movement of his hips, letting him fuck up into her grasp. Stroking faster when his pace increases, drinking in every low and appreciative sound that falls from him. The inside of her thighs grows wetter; just watching him makes the need return, the lust pressing down between her legs.

“Your fingers,” she pleads, needing him back inside, needing to be filled, and Finn’s eyes are open again, looking into her, seeing everything. He cups her mound, fingertips sliding through new dampness, feeling what touching him does to her, and his fingers pushing in once again drags a relieved moan from her.

Finn fucks her slow, and Rey strokes him fast, sweat crawling along her hairline, her whole body one big flush of heat. His other hand wraps around her fingers, squeezes her grip on his cock until it’s tighter, and Rey follows his lead. Precome beads at his slit, dribbles down, and she catches it with her fingers each time, using it to make the slide of her palm smoother.

She knows when he’s about to come. His cock jumps in her hand, but more than that the sheen around him, his aura in the Force, grows dazzling. He gets impossibly hard under her fingers, body freezing up against her, and then his hips shove forward into her hand, his fingers inside of her push deeper, and his come arcs between them, slicking his stomach and spattering against hers. Rey milks him, hard strong sweeps of her wrist, listening to the noises he makes, sexy little groans that make her cunt pulse.

She slows gradually, feeling him slump against the bed and her hold. His hand is barely moving now, fingers still inside of her, and Rey chews on the inside of her cheek, trying not to whimper at how much she wants him to move.

Finn’s eyes open slowly, his grin spreading just as slow at what must be obvious desperation on her face. He kisses her nose, teasing an answering smile out of her, and then he starts rocking his hand again. Easing her weight backward, until she’s more on her back than her side, legs spreading for him as Finn leans against her, his body half on the bed and half on her.

He takes her harder this time, and it’s exactly what Rey craves. His fingers can get so deep, deeper than her own, and she imagines what it would feel like to have his cock moving inside of her like this, toes curling against the bed. She rides his hand, eyes squeezing shut because she can’t keep them open anymore, but she can feel him watching her the whole time.

Rey’s second orgasm unfurls slower than the first, warmth spreading all through her, her back arching up off the bed. It’s one long continuous wave of electricity, rippling out from her cunt, making her writhe, head tossing a little, hair in her face. She’s shivering again when it subsides, breathing heavily, her whole body weak and feeling light as a feather.

They curl up together, skin sticky and radiating heat. Rey sighs contentedly when Finn pulls her close, rocking her as he gets them both comfortable. There aren’t any blankets in easy reach, but it doesn’t matter, because Rey feels like she’ll never be cold again.

“That was …” Finn mumbles, sounding sleepy.

“I know,” she agrees, snuggled against his chest. They really need to shower, and she’s already trying to calculate if the refresher is big enough for them both, because she doesn’t want to let go of Finn yet.

But before that, there’s nothing wrong with a quick rest, and Rey closes her eyes, listening to the reassuring hum of the Falcon’s engines and the comforting beat of Finn’s heart beneath her ear.

Re: Fill: Firsts And Feelings (Finn/Rey)

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Re: Fill: Firsts And Feelings (Finn/Rey)

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Re: Fill: Firsts And Feelings (Finn/Rey)

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Re: Fill: Firsts And Feelings (Finn/Rey)

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Any, Moulin Rouge AU

(Anonymous) 2016-01-25 02:47 pm (UTC)(link)
Star Wars characters in the Moulin Rouge story!


(Anonymous) 2016-01-25 02:51 pm (UTC)(link)
Originally I was thinking Finn as Satine, the courtesan who yearns to leave the First Order Moulin Rouge, and Rey or Poe is the one who disrupts Finn's world. But then I was thinking Obi-Wan could be Satine, part of the strictly controlled Jedi Council Moulin Rouge (plus it would be a cute twist on Ewan McGregor's casting). So basically, the more I think about it, there are so many different characters across the various trilogies that could work, that I didn't want to limit anyone. So go wild!

Re: OP

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Re: OP

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Luke&Leia - Bonding over fashion

(Anonymous) 2016-01-25 02:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Luke and Leia bond over fashion pretty much as soon as they've met.

Of course when they finally learn who their biological mother was, they feel like that was just another clue about them being siblings that they should have caught on earlier.

Bonus :

- Nonbinary/Genderqueer!Luke
- Padme's fashion style is well documented in holos and some of her dresses might even be in the Naboo Fashion Museum. Leia and Luke spend a lot of time just gazing at Padme's numerous outfits in awe
- Padme's Force Ghost watch her children being inspired by her fashion style and tears up because she's so proud of her stylish babies

(why yes i was inspired by all the tumlbr posts, this really need to be a fic - no, no this isn't crack)

Fill Luke&Leia - Bonding over fashion

(Anonymous) 2016-02-09 11:49 am (UTC)(link)
“I’ve always liked this dress, it’s very regal,” Luke said, picking up the white gown from the bed where Leia was sorting through her items. She turned to him with a raised brow. If it had been Han she would know he was teasing her, but she could never tell with Luke.

“Yes, well it’s not coming with me. It’s fine for an ambassador, but it’s hardly fit for ground missions,” she said.

Luke picked up another dress that had been tossed in the leave behind pile. He looked at the detailed pink embroidery. “Do all ambassadors dress like this?” he asked.

“Some do. It’s become a bit of a thing over the last decade. People call it ‘Padme Politics’ after Senator Padme who is regarded as one of the most influential senators of her time. Even though she lost the final battle with the republic, people still try and mimic her leadership style. One part of that was that she was always dressed regally. All of my cloths are honestly rather plain in comparison,” she said.

“I can’t imagine that,” Luke said. He’d picked up another dress, this one covered in three different layers of silk.

“Really,” Leia insisted. “Here, I’m sure the computer can pull up some images of her.”

She had only meant to show Luke a few photos of Padme. But one photo had turned into three hours of watching various holos of the woman speaking, looking at the outfits that had been catalogued by the planetary museum of Naboo history, and debating the merits of various looks.

“It’s not that the dress isn’t beautiful, but with her skin she needs something to balance out all of that black,” Leia said.

“It makes her look powerful,” Luke said. He seemed to have a thing for her more dramatic outfits.

“She always looks powerful. She was one of the most influential members of the senate in her time,” Leia said. “She looks just as powerful in red, and it has the benefit of not making her look so somber.”

“Well I like all of them,” Luke said, “but I’m hardly an expert. It’s not like anyone on Tatooine cared about clothes outside of making sure the fabric was easy to get sand off of” he said. Leia noticed that his hand had gone back to the white dress. He hadn’t said much in terms of his own clothing preferences, but Leia was beginning to get a gut feeling.

“If you like that so much, you can keep it,” she said. She was going for casual, but Luke’s face still went a bright red.

“What? No. That’s fine. I mean, it wouldn’t even fit, I don’t have, you know” he vaguely motioned at his chest.

“Breast” she answered with an eyeroll. He giggled and she shook her head, “honestly, you’re a child. And you don’t need breast to wear a dress, go try it on.”

He was still laughing but he easily allowed himself to be pushed into the refresher. Leia laughed as he closed the door. She didn’t know why it was so easy to spend time with him, but she found herself completely at ease whenever it was just the two of them. He might be a war hero, but he was one of the sweetest and most endearing people she had ever met. Even when he was being a total child.

Luke was blushing again when he came out a few minutes later, wearing the white dress. He smiled at her nervously as he walked into the main room.

Leia made a show of looking him over. “Well that seals it, you’re keeping it. It looks much better with your blonde hair and tan skin than it ever did on me,” she said.

Luke laughed, but he looked genuinely pleased, “don’t be ridiculous. You look great in everything.” He looked at himself in the mirror and adjusted the sleeves, “when am I even going to wear this? You’re right, it’s not any good for training or missions.”

“Well that’s not all we’re going to be doing. You can wear it whenever you want. I’m sure we’ll have plenty of downtime,” she said. “I’m still bringing plenty of impractical clothing as well.”

“Can you imagine if Han saw me in this? I’d never hear the end of it,” he said. Leia noticed he was making no move to take the dress off though, instead he was sitting back down on her bed where the Padme holovids were.

“As if that nerf herder has any room to talk. You know, I’m pretty sure he only has five pieces of clothing total” she said.

“Yeah, but they look good on him,” he said, smiling.

Leia laughed, “they do, but you certainly won’t hear me saying that anywhere where he can hear me.” She turned back to the holovid where Padme was standing, posed beautifully in her black dress. “You know you’d look great in black. It would take awhile to receive them, but I know a seamstress in the Hosnian system who does amazing work. I’m pretty sure I still have her catalog on file.”

Re: Fill Luke&Leia - Bonding over fashion

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Re: Fill Luke&Leia - Bonding over fashion

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Re: Fill Luke&Leia - Bonding over fashion

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Han/Luke skysolo face fucking, dirty talk

(Anonymous) 2016-01-25 03:53 pm (UTC)(link)
Set around the time Han and Luke first meet in A New Hope.

Han finds Luke to be whiny and loud and is irritated with his nonstop questions. So he shuts him up by making Luke suck him off. Han lets out aaaall his frustrations with him by being rough and talking dirty to him.

No noncon please. Some VERY MILD initial dubcon is ok but I want Luke to enjoy it overall.

Re: Han/Luke skysolo face fucking, dirty talk

(Anonymous) 2016-01-25 10:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Yeeeeeeeeees all the want.

Re: Han/Luke skysolo face fucking, dirty talk

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Re: Han/Luke skysolo face fucking, dirty talk

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Kylo Ren/Ben Solo

(Anonymous) 2016-01-25 04:59 pm (UTC)(link)
No, really.

Maybe have Ren create a Force projection of an idealized version of himself to punish what remains of Ben Solo inside him or something, w/e. Just. Kylo Ren selfcest, please.

Bonus if it involves the destruction of unfortunate furniture.

Re: Kylo Ren/Ben Solo

(Anonymous) 2016-01-25 05:12 pm (UTC)(link)
Fffffuck, I like this. A lot. Not saying I'll be able to write it, because I have a massive list of other prompts to get through, but definitely going to let this one simmer in my head for a while.

Vader playing matchmaker, Luke/Han, fluff, Crack-ish

(Anonymous) 2016-01-25 05:04 pm (UTC)(link)
AU: Luke (ANH era) had been found by Vader a year or so ago and he's been living with Vader ever since. Luke, still having been raised by the Lars', rejected his father trying to train him in the ways of the Darkside.

Vader finds Luke infuriatingly stubborn, but loves him very much (and has been having a lot of doubts about turning him). He's also prone to spoiling him quite a bit so Luke basically has free rein over the ship and can go where ever he wants and gets most of what he asks for.

However Vader gets concerned because Luke starts to act more withdrawn and when he tries to find out why this is he finds out Luke is lonely.

So.... he proceeds to start trying to fix him up with storm troopers/other people on the Death Star he thinks meet enough requirements for dating his son (though, to him, of course none of them were really worthy but he'll deal with what he has).

Luke however doesn't seem interested in them and has started to get a bit annoyed at these guys hitting on him (he knows Vader has something to do with it).

Vader continues to be concerned until one day they capture The Millennium Falcon and Han and Chewy are taken into custody.

Luke happens to be there as they're being detained and well... finds Han very attractive. He stops the guards from taking them to cells so he can talk to Han a bit.

Vader shows up because he's gotten word that his son is somehow preventing the troopers from doing their job again and wants to see what the hold up is.

He quickly sees that his son seems to be enthralled with Han.

So, while he's very reluctant to do so, he doesn't lock Han and Chewy up and sets up rooms for them (because it's the happiest he's seen Luke in a while).

"An entire space station full of people and he chooses a smuggler."

"... and he's 10 years older ... This is my fault isn't it? I haven't given him enough attention. ...wait, Owen was his father figure when he was a child.... This is Owen's fault."

Meanwhile, Han is.. confused. Why are they not rotting in cells? Or dead? Or being tortured? Who is the cute boy that was hitting on him?

Han/Luke eventually happens.

TL;DR: Vader found Luke and has been raising him on the Death star for a year. Seeing that Luke's lonely Vader tried to set him up with guys, but Luke only has eyes for a certain captured smuggler

Re: Vader playing matchmaker, Luke/Han, fluff, Crack-ish

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(Fill) smuggle my heat (Han/Luke)

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(Fill) smuggle my heat (Han/Luke)(1/?)

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(Fill) smuggle my heat (Han/Luke)(2/?)

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Re: (Fill) smuggle my heat (Han/Luke)(2/?)

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Re: (Fill) smuggle my heat (Han/Luke)(2/?)

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Re: (Fill) smuggle my heat (Han/Luke)(2/?)

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Han/Luke, Vader manipulates Luke with Han/Leia

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Vader discovers Luke is in love with Han, and learns of his jealousy of Han and Leia.

He tries to use this to manipulate Luke into the dark side, telling him Han would never want him, not over Leia. It doesn't work, but when Luke returns to Han and Leia, he tells them he's going away for a while. Leia knows what's wrong, and begs Luke to stay, insisting that her and Han aren't even a thing... that she's not even sure she's in love with him, and that the only reason she considered being with Han in the first place was because she thought Luke had gotten over him. Luke leaves anyway, certain that Han doesn't love him, and afraid of his own feelings, but Han ends up following him, bewildered at the cold goodbye. He goes on and on at him, asking what the problem is, until Luke cracks and admits the truth.

Eventual Han/Luke please.

Ahsoka, masturbating with a lightsaber

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Yes, I know that this would be a very stupid idea in-universe. Let's just say that Ahsoka is using a training lightsaber that leave any permanent damage.


(Anonymous) 2016-01-25 08:44 pm (UTC)(link)
Oops, I meant "that doesn't leave any permanent damage". My mistake.

Luke/Han or Gen its cold in space. Cuddles happen.

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There is a similar prompt with Rey instead of luke. This is a similar idea but with the original trilogy.

Luke grew up on a desert planet so his first trip on the Falcon and after gets a bit cold. So he finds any way to stay warm that he can during his time there. Training with Obi Wan, helping Han and Chewie fix the old gal up, things like that. But at night he gets cold and seeks out warmth in others. Because Like is a very cuddly person. So he seeks out Chewie and Leia and Han to cuddle with. Whoever happens to still be awake at the time(usually Han) and awkwardly asks to cuddle and no one can resist that face.

And I can imagine it continuing on Hoth. There's a lot of work to be done but at night he barely sleeps in his own bed, instead seeking out his friends.

Bonus points for nonsexual Luke/Leia bonding time.

Re: Luke/Han or Gen its cold in space. Cuddles happen.

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So cute, I'd love to read this.

Luke/Han Luke has a vagina

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Not sure if this counts as ftm or not? I'll let you guys decide.

Luke identifies as a male or gender neutral but has a vagina. His aunt and uncle raise him the way they did anyways, very supportive of him and letting him do as he wants with his body and identity.

Luke is rather reluctant to share this fact with prospective lovers because he worries they'll judge him. He's not a virgin by any means but he has had bad judgement happen in the past which makes him anxious about it.

Then he and Han fall for eachother. And Luke is so in love with him that he's so scared Han will reject him for who he is physically. So it causes a lot of confusion and drama.

Han can be shocked and confused at first but I'd like him to be over all accepting.

Bonus points for body worship.
Extra bonus points for Luke telling Leia and or Chewie about it and them reassuring him that Han would be accepting. And that if he wasn't they would kill him.

Gen or Any/Any, Luke & Leia have an older evil sibling, abuse/neglect/murder mention

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Got inspired - Luke and Leia have an older sibling who is an utter monster. Maybe Palpatine got to this child first, or they're just spoiled/favoured by Vader in a materialistic way but not an emotional way, or maybe they're just a dick all on their own.

All the children are raised by Vader. The twins are terrified of their sibling and try their best to keep away from him or her, because they know that soon Palpatine will turn his attention to the two of them. Ironically, it's their sibling's cruelty that inspires the twins to care for each other, and vow to resist the dark side at all costs.

The older child maybe has an erratic temper and is all for the sadism but struggles with rules and respect and stuff. To Vader, they're technically a disappointment (but he's only just sort of figured that), but to Palpatine they're a wonderful weapon. Think of like an ultra-Kylo Ren with double the anger and entitlement issues.

Then, maybe the older sibling is taken away for training by Palpatine, killed by him, or assassinated (bonus for this if it's pissed off Imperial officers who this kid ridiculed). Vader's attention is forced onto his two younger children, who have pretty much raised themselves in the loneliness of Imperial warships and courts. But the twins have run away, fearful that the assassin will come for them, or that their Sith training will now begin.

Don't mind if there are pairings, but I'd love to see the twins join the Resistance, but struggle being around all these other people. Meanwhile Vader angsting over the loss of his babies and actually taking responsibility for his lack of input with his younger kids.

TLDR: Luke and Leia are raised by Vader, but they also have an older sibling who is sadistic and cruel. The older sibling gets the focus of Vader and Palpatine, but after he or she is murdered or taken away, the twins escape the Empire to join the rebellion.

Re: Gen or Any/Any, Luke & Leia have an older evil sibling, abuse/neglect/murder mention

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+1 I love this idea. It might be a problem to figure out how ROTS would work if Anakin and Padme already had a child ... Although I can see Vader and his first child resenting the twins more since everything was fine and it's only when the twin came that everything in their life started to fall apart

rpf mark hamill/harrison ford (any rating)

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it hasn't been done yet c'mon you know you want to be first 😎

mark has a crush on hottie harrison
mark figures out harrison has anxiety/depression and covers for him with other people while he tries to get harrison to trust him and comforts him best he can
harrison married young and never indulged that curiosity but mark is so cute and sweet and non-judgmental and no one's ever taken care of him like this before......

or whatever you want tbh because who are we kidding, i'll read it

Re: rpf mark hamill/harrison ford (any rating)

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Yes. Just yes.

Re: rpf mark hamill/harrison ford (any rating)

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Re: rpf mark hamill/harrison ford (any rating)

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[FILL] I Forget Where We Were

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(Han/Luke) Luke is blind

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Luke is blind but because he is force sensitive he gets around fine.(think Daredevil) Despite this Leia is still protective of her brother.

Han meets him and at first he has no idea Luke is blind. He just thinks Luke is kinda in a daze, always staring off into nothing. Then Luke says something that makes him realise he's blind like 'which one is the red button?' Or 'what color is this?' Or something. And he's shocked and Luke thought he knew and is worried Han will treat him like glass now.

Au where Luke and Leia grew up together.

Bonus points for Anikin raising them.
Extra bonus points if Obi Wan and Anikin raised them together.
Super extra bonus points for Anikin and Obi Wan fighting over weather or not Han is good enough for Luke.

Re: (Han/Luke) Luke is blind

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This is adorable especially that last bonus!

Re: (Han/Luke) Luke is blind

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Prequel AU, Qui-Gon live, Obi-Wan/Anakin(/Padme?)

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Qui-Gon isn't killed by Darth Maul and become Anakin's Master ...

Re: Prequel AU, Qui-Gon live, Obi-Wan/Anakin(/Padme?)

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I'm so down to see what Obi-Wan and Anakin's dynamic would be like/how they would get together if they weren't Master and Padawan

Luminous Beings (AKA ForceGhost!Ani getting it on)

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So Anakin is dead, but he's not about to let that stop him from getting his dick wet (it's an "Anakin NO"/"ANAKIN YES" situation). As crack or as serious as you want it to be, I just want to see Ani have some fun.

*P.S. Anakin/Poe, Anakin/Rey, Anakin/Finn are all great ideas, or maybe Anakin/Luke (someone had to keep him company on that island, amiright?)

Re: Luminous Beings (AKA ForceGhost!Ani getting it on)

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oi! there's a fic with finn/anakin!
and it's sequel http://archiveofourown.org/works/5794957

but anyway +10000 for the prompt because anakin/anyone at all is my otp

Re: Luminous Beings (AKA ForceGhost!Ani getting it on)

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Re: Luminous Beings (AKA ForceGhost!Ani getting it on)

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han/luke; hoth

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saw this comment:
>han generating body heat in their shelter by fucking luke silly

make it happen folks

Re: han/luke; hoth

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If you haven't read it, Near Dusk by Cara J. Loup might be along the lines of what you're looking for? There's a lot of plot around the porn but it's a great story.


Yoda/Yaddle, Anakin, Younglings-Voyeurism

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Set before RoTS. Anakin and the younglings he was showing off to are on their way to the Temple cafeteria for dinner when they come across Yoda and Yaddle having sex. You can chose which part of the Jedi Temple they are doing the nasty in.

Extra points if the younglings start asking Ani awkward questions about sex.

Re: Yoda/Yaddle, Anakin, Younglings-Voyeurism

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haha, oh my god, i never knew this character even existed lmao

Gen? Han/Luke? Sex Ed.

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The prompt above (or a few above depinding on how fast i write this) gave me the idea.

When Han meets Luke he assumes he's just an innocent/naive farm boy.
And he's right.
Like.. really, really right.

Luke was incredibly sheltered and while he knows sex is a thing that people do... he has no idea what that entails.

He somehow ends up asking Han, and Han ends up having to explain sex to Luke (i'm thinking ANH era so Luke is like 19).

Re: Gen? Han/Luke? Sex Ed.

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Re: Gen? Han/Luke? Sex Ed.

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Re: Gen? Han/Luke? Sex Ed.

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Re: Gen? Han/Luke? Sex Ed.

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In which she tops the hell out of him, partly because of all his guilt and self-hate, partly because she's still so angry at him that she's not shy about getting rough. And partly because that's kind of just what he actually likes anyway.

She calls him "asshole" now like it's a new nickname, and he answers to it.

Re: Redeemed!Vader/Ahsoka

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*crying over how badly I want this*

Re: Redeemed!Vader/Ahsoka

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Han/Luke size kink, powerplay, jedi!Luke is submissive but Han knows how powerful the kid is

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Han thinks about how easily he can hold down Luke, since physically he doesn't seem too strong, yet Luke could throw him off or even kill him with the force in a moment if he wanted to.

This arouses Han, that such a powerful person lets him hold him down, and be dominant with him.

Re: Han/Luke size kink, powerplay, jedi!Luke is submissive but Han knows how powerful the kid is

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Ughhh please ;_;

Han/Luke, age difference, in love but being sensible, young!Luke

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Luke is actually underage in the events of ANH. 16 at the youngest, with Han about 10 years older.

I just want to see them getting to know each other, realising they really, really love the other, but of course there is absolutely no question that neither will be making a move until Luke is an appropriate age. Luke doesn't want to ruin his friendship with Han by making things awkward, and Han just isn't a douchebag.

However, when Luke's 18th birthday comes around, it's awkward for both, because for so long, they assumed they just loved each other platonically, if a little desperately, and that anything else was a simple crush. But now they know they're in love, lusting like crazy, but they're not sure about the sudden change of dynamic. For Han, he can think of Luke sexually now without any guilt, but he's used to being on guard and being protective of him.

For Luke, he now wants Han to see him as an adult, but is also aware that he is hopelessly inexperienced.

They figure things out.

Summary: Luke is actually underage during ANH events. Once he turns 18, he and Han are able to confront their feelings for each other at last, but struggle slightly with the change in dynamic.

Re: Han/Luke, age difference, in love but being sensible, young!Luke

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Luke/Leia/Han on Luke's island

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Han survives the encounter with Kylo somehow and comes back to Leia at the base. They both go together to find Luke and convince him to come out of isolation and help them save Ben. Before Ben was born the three of them were in a happy blissed out OT3 but then they decided to end it for the obvious reasons.

I just want Han and Leia making the trip to the island and then the initial awkwardness/angst of the trio reuniting and the hard work of convincing Luke to come back to the world and also to come back to Han and Leia because the truth is that they broke up and made themselves miserable to spare Ben and themselves the rumors and scandal and also maybe Luke never got over the guilt of being in love with his sister but in the end they still lost Ben and lost a bunch of planets and fuck it, if the galaxy is falling apart and it's up to them to save it again then they might as well let themselves be in love.

And then three old(ish) idiots finally have sex again and Luke is touch starved and still angsty and overwhelmed by feeling all of this again, and Leia is heartbroken over Ben but she has to put on such a strong act for the rebellion and Luke is the one person she can let herself be weak and vulnerable with and she's also missed Han so much and there's something bittersweet about doing the exact same thing with him that led to Ben and meanwhile Han is all sorts of hurt and yet hopeful and argh I just wish this was canon.

Re: Luke/Leia/Han on Luke's island

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Padme, Darth Sideous, Darth Vader-Torture , Imprisonment, Rape

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What if Palpatine stormed Padme's ship while Obi Wan and Threepio were taking it to Polis Massa? What if he killed Obi Wan for maiming his apprentice and broke the two droids to pieces? What if he takes a injured Padme prisoner?

Sideous also blames Padme for Anakin getting himself injured, so he gets revenge.

During her imprisonment, Padme is starved, tortured and raped. The twins were born stillborn. Story ends with a broken Padme submitting to Palpatine and Vader.