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Star Wars Kink Meme Round #1

Rules For Everyone:
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  2. All Star Wars films and related media are welcome. You can go as obscure as you want. 
  3. RPF is allowed
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Rules For Posting Prompts
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Why didn't Obi-Wan meet Dooku as a Padawan?

(Anonymous) 2016-04-23 03:45 am (UTC)(link)
Were Dooku and Qui-Gon on bad terms? Did Yoda, who apparently spoke highly of Obi-Wan, keep his former Padawan from meeting Obi-Wan? Did Dooku have "better things" to do? Dooku left the order right after Qui-Gons' death so did he stay for Obi-Wans' knighting? How did he feel about his pupils' death? Basically I'd like a character piece exploring these reasons.

No pairings between the Jedi and/or Sith.

Anakin & Bane & Hondo friendship, Obikin slash

(Anonymous) 2016-04-24 01:08 am (UTC)(link)
can someone please write a story about the outline at the bottom

Obi-Wan, Dooku, AU of Slaves of Kadavo Arc

(Anonymous) 2016-04-25 10:52 pm (UTC)(link)
So, in the Clone Wars series there's this scene in episode 4x11 ('Kidnapped'): http://rubbish78.tumblr.com/post/119161287375/what-is-with-all-the-villains-in-this-episode-and
Prompt: An AU where Obi-Wan loses the fight because Anakin and Ahsoka took too long/he had to save a few more Togrutas/whatever, and D'Nar makes good on his promise to Dooku exactly as he told Obi-Wan he would.

Palpatine/Snoke-First Date, Sex, Foot Jobs

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 04:02 am (UTC)(link)
Our two loathsome evil overlords go out on a hot date together in Coruscant. They then go to Palpatine's apartment for a good fuck or two.

Re: Palpatine/Snoke-First Date, Sex, Foot Jobs

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 01:26 pm (UTC)(link)
I think I love you <3

Re: Palpatine/Snoke-First Date, Sex, Foot Jobs

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Re: Palpatine/Snoke-First Date, Sex, Foot Jobs

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#ParentFail: Dad Anakin and Mom Padme have no idea what they are doing

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 11:03 pm (UTC)(link)
In a magically happy parallel universe where Anakin didn't Fuck Up Everything, Padme lives and she and Anakin raise the twins together. Unfortunately, neither of them have a damn clue what to do with kids.

Padme is a tired/busy working mom, Anakin is a stay at home dad who doesn't know how to live as a civilian or childproof a house. The maids and nannies keep quitting because even as babies the twins keep levitating stuff and themselves until Anakin resorts to custom cleaning droids and literally tethering the twins to their playpen like kites. Uncle Obi-Wan babysit sometimes, but he's just as clueless with very young children as Anakin.

Inspired by tweets about being a parent and the Parenting section of FailBlog.

"I let my 3-year-old make her own dinner. She put candy corn on top cold pizza. The apprentice has become the master."
"We can't visit the Grand Canyon because I'm afraid you'll throw your brother over."
"I'm at my most hostage negotiator when I see my 3 year old holding a permanent marker without the lid."

Oola and Leia being forced by the girls of Jabba's harem to please each other

(Anonymous) 2016-04-28 02:58 am (UTC)(link)
Futa/futa, futa/female (either), female/female. Don't care. Use of toys would be nice. No scat, piss, etc. Dubcon or even full-on refusal at first from either woman if you're okay with that. If the other ladies want to join in, let them.

Obikin, emotional bondage scene

(Anonymous) 2016-04-28 08:12 am (UTC)(link)
Anakin and Obi-Wan. Bondage scene where the main point is emotional connection instead of just getting off on kinky sex. (Of course it's fine if they're getting off on kinky sex too.) Light S&M is fine if you want, but please no humiliation or verbal abuse. Bonus for Anakin as the one getting tied up.

Re: Obikin, emotional bondage scene

(Anonymous) 2016-04-28 09:34 am (UTC)(link)

FILL - "Bonds" (Re: Obikin, emotional bondage scene)

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Padme is Darth Vader

(Anonymous) 2016-04-29 03:39 am (UTC)(link)
So this Darth & Droids comic made me laugh

Make it happen folks. +100000 if you play it seriously.

Re: Padme is Darth Vader

(Anonymous) 2016-05-16 02:03 pm (UTC)(link)
This is really funny and I love it so much but it's hard to come up with a believable story. Maybe Padme trained as a Jedi in secret and she has dreams of herself dying while in childbirth. She's scared that her poor child will not have a mother anymore and so, she becomes Palpatine's apprentice.

Ahsoka/Vader, darkish!Ahsoka

(Anonymous) 2016-04-29 02:25 pm (UTC)(link)
Ahsoka keeps her promise and stays with Vader. Exposure to the Sith Temple on Malachor and to Vader himself turns her darkish, and she gets in on his plans to overthrow Palpatine.

Would love to see Ahsoka/Vader being evilish and having evilish sex. Can be in the midst of their planning to off Palpatine, could be AU and after they've offed Palpatine, whatever. Given that Vader once planned to hand the galaxy over to Padmé, maybe he adjusts the plan to make Ahsoka Empress once he's certain he has her on his side. Also, maybe he's been using the Force to heal his body a little (hence why he actually has eyebrows) but only dares do so much while Palpatine is around because Palpatine would freak if Vader was made whole again.

But yes, Ahsoka/Vader dark side sex as they either rule or set out to rule the galaxy.

Re: Ahsoka/Vader, darkish!Ahsoka

(Anonymous) 2016-04-29 03:48 pm (UTC)(link)
This needs to happen.

Re: Ahsoka/Vader, darkish!Ahsoka

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Re: Ahsoka/Vader, darkish!Ahsoka

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Re: Ahsoka/Vader, darkish!Ahsoka

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Re: Ahsoka/Vader, darkish!Ahsoka

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Re: Ahsoka/Vader, darkish!Ahsoka

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FILL IN PROGRESS - Light a Candle, Cast a Shadow

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Jedi/ clones, baby boom crack prompt

(Anonymous) 2016-04-30 06:04 am (UTC)(link)
It's for a good reason that Jedi are chaste. Virginc conception like Anakiin.... very rare. Conception with the strongest birth control? Happens all the kriffing time with the Force.
It the Force trying to compensate because Jedi are too idiots to train people they find too old/iniates send to the Agricorps/etc

So with the war, the stress, a lot of Jedi break their vows and now


Well, Windu can't yell at others, because he's two.months.pregnant, Ezra tell everyone he will have twin little sisters in a month because Master Deepa is expecting, Obi-wan is not sure if the father is Cody or Rex, or perhaps Boil, Shaak Ti is the first succesful human/tortuggaa conception

In fact, Anakin is almosy the only one non pregnant and don t know if he must laugh or yell at them!

Re: Jedi/ clones, baby boom crack prompt

(Anonymous) 2016-05-13 04:08 am (UTC)(link)
Well, really, Anakin is essentially in the same boat in that his wife is pregnant.

Mace/Obi-Wan, Shatterpoint: guilt

(Anonymous) 2016-04-30 04:58 pm (UTC)(link)
In Shatterpoint, one of the Clone wars novels, we learn that Mace is feeling guilty because he choose to save Obi-wan from Jango, and let Dooku escape, knowing Dooku was a shatterpoint in this mess...
It's scream attachement to me and gave two ideas for prompts.
The first one : Mace and Obi-wan are lovers in Attack of the Clones and Mace kill Jango to save his lover, dooming the galaxy. Do they survive this, or is the guilt, their guilt, to intense? What are the others Jedi opinion ?
Do they break up, after one last night? Do they try to make it work, by obstination?

Mace/Obi-Wan, Shatterpoint: death fic

(Anonymous) 2016-04-30 05:03 pm (UTC)(link)
In Shatterpoint, one of the Clone wars novels, we learn that Mace is feeling guilty because he choose to save Obi-wan from Jango, and let Dooku escape, knowing Dooku was a shatterpoint in this mess...
It's scream attachement to me and gave two ideas for prompts.
The second one :
Mace capture Dooku, and let Jango kill his lover, to save the galaxy.

And it's fifty percent chances Sidious turns Anakin against the Jedi, using his rage about Obi-wan 's death, before they can extract Sidious' name from Dooku...

Han/Luke, dark!AU, Han seduces Luke before taking him to Vader and Leia

(Anonymous) 2016-04-30 10:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Leia was raised by Vader, and they both know her brother is out there somewhere. Obi-Wan senses their arrival on Tatooine and he and Luke get a fairly good head's start.

Han is assigned by Vader to intercept Luke and Obi-Wan and convince Luke to come with him and return him to his family.

Han finds them, not knowing the full details, and when he finds Luke, decides to seduce him.

Vader is furious when he finds out, but Leia sees how they can use this to their advantage. Luke is so naive and has fallen utterly for Han, and Han is starting to for him (and feeling very guilty now he knows the kid is actually innocent and unprepared for whatever the Empire has in store for him).

Leia insists they can manipulate Luke and Han into turning to the dark side, since Luke is struggling dealing with any affection from Leia and Vader and has latched onto Han instead.

Dark! Obi Wan/Anakin, Anakin/Watto, Anakin/Gardulla, Anakin/Jabba, Anakin/all of Tattoine's villany

(Anonymous) 2016-04-30 10:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Obi Wan falls to the Dark Side during his duel with Anakin and gets revenge with him.

After he chops off Vaderkin's remaining limbs and let him burn for awhile, Obi Wan takes the injured Anakin back to Padme's ship and takes him back to the hellhole that is known as Tatooine and sells the mass murder back to slavery with either Watto or Gardulla. All the while not treating his injuries.

+2000 points-Watto gives his former slave turned slave again worse medical treatment for his wounds than Palpatine did in canon.

+4000 points-Watto passes around Crispy! Anakin like a joint in Jabba's Palace forcing him to have sex with all of Tatooine's biggest scum, while Obi Wan watches on with grim satisfaction.

+8000 points-An Anakin & Gardulla the Hutt reunion. The more gruesome, the better.

Re: Dark! Obi Wan/Anakin, Anakin/Watto, Anakin/Gardulla, Anakin/Jabba, Anakin/all of Tattoine's vill

(Anonymous) 2016-05-02 11:23 am (UTC)(link)
This is so messed up.... I love it! Thank you for thinking of it Anon!

Han/Luke, light/dark realities, light!Luke swapped with dark!Luke

(Anonymous) 2016-04-30 10:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Ya classic light/dark swap 'verse.

There's a universe where Han, Luke and Leia are dark, and the other verse where they're not.

The Luke from the light 'verse gets swapped with the Luke from the dark 'verse, and/or, he just ends up in the same place as him, or even dark!verse Luke dies. Light!Luke is still young and rather naive.

Dark!Han LOVES light!Luke, wanting to preserve his lightness as the whole naive farm boy thing turns him on like woah. (Maybe he and dark!Luke have been in a relationship for years and he'd be okay with this, or dark!Luke never reciprocated Han's feelings as he knew it would always keep him drawn to the light.)

Dark!Han seducing light!Luke and being really loving with him, but also a little creepy and a lot possessive.

Bonus for Dark!Luke seducing Light!Han (and Light!Leia totally knows what's up - that's not her brother, well, not quite).

Rey grows a beard

(Anonymous) 2016-05-01 04:23 am (UTC)(link)
All the best (human) Jedi grow one eventually. Rey isn't going to let something minor like "being female" prevent her from growing a magnificent beard.

Everyone is startled but deeply impressed by Rey's magnificent new beard. Luke is especially proud of his padawan's beard prowess.

Re: Rey grows a beard

(Anonymous) 2016-05-02 11:21 am (UTC)(link)
This is cute XD Oh my gosh, i'm dying laughing

Re: Rey grows a beard

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OP here

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Re: anyrt

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Anakin Puts Poison in Padme's Drink

(Anonymous) 2016-05-01 04:52 am (UTC)(link)
After having the nightmare about Padme dying in childbirth, Anakin decided that in order to preserve Padme's live, he must get rid of Padme's pregnancy. He must get rid of it whatever the means necessary.

+Anakin bribes one of Padme's handmaidens or cooks to put a abortficiant in Padme's drink.

++Padme almost dies from the hemorrhage.

+++When she recovers, she is told that she can no longer have children, to her devastation and Anakin's relief.

Whether Padme finds out about Anakin's betrayal or not depends on the writer.

Re: Anakin Puts Poison in Padme's Drink

(Anonymous) 2016-05-04 08:10 pm (UTC)(link)
This is heartbreaking :( Very good prompt though.

Rex/Everyone, Crack

(Anonymous) 2016-05-02 03:45 am (UTC)(link)
Rex wakes up one day and discovers that somehow, his life has transformed into a harem anime starring him. They're still fighting the war, but now everyone wants in his pants, even especially the Jedi. It's extremely alarming and he wants it to stop.

Throw in as many cliches as possible. Terrifyingly tsundere-Anakin is a must.

Re: Rex/Everyone, Crack

(Anonymous) 2016-05-02 11:17 pm (UTC)(link)

Re: Rex/Everyone, Crack

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Kylo/Rey-Rape, Facial, Revenge

(Anonymous) 2016-05-02 09:31 am (UTC)(link)
Kylo gets even with Rey for the events in the Starkiller Base. Rape.


(Anonymous) 2016-05-02 11:57 am (UTC)(link)
Kanan and Hera are very happy together, and exclusive. It's doesn't stop them, when Ahsoka has a mission with the Ghost.... Well, do you need a picture?
They like helping her unwind, they like knowing she only lets her burden go with them, they like the way she lets them worship her and the way she clings in sleep...

Failed Mission: Anakin gets raped; Obi wan is forced to watch

(Anonymous) 2016-05-03 12:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Anakin and Obi Wan somehow fuck up a Mission really bad; whether they get caught by an evil Person (Dooku?) or some really disgusting alien is up to you. As a result, Anakin is being raped and maybe even tortured (Breaking his beautifuö nose, etc. ) ;) And Obi Wan is forced to watch his Best friend suffer. Bonus: -I want Anakin to cry and scream -Obi Wan is getting aroused by watching - Obi Wan is the one Who somehow finds a way to get them out there afterwards, comforts Ani ;)

Re: Failed Mission: Anakin gets raped; Obi wan is forced to watch

(Anonymous) 2016-05-03 06:38 pm (UTC)(link)
Seconded so hard

FILL: "Well, that's what i call a failed mission"

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Luke Skywalker/Jaina Solo

(Anonymous) 2016-05-04 12:51 am (UTC)(link)
anything, really

Obi-wan/Agen Kolar, penile spines

(Anonymous) 2016-05-04 09:29 am (UTC)(link)
Zabrak have penile spines, and it makes Obi-wan nervous for their first time...

Obi-wan/Clones, Obi-wan give birth to an entire generation of Jedis

(Anonymous) 2016-05-05 12:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Warning, prompt heavy on the pregnancy kink, polyamory and mpreg ! And, well, let's be honest, a little crack. And perhaps consensual gangbang. How many people do you need for a gangbang?

The chips malfunctioned in a few clones,including Rex, and they saved the younglings. They knew they didn't have enough time to save all the Jedi, and made that choice, thinking it was the one the Jedi would do.

A few years later, Obi-wan raises the younglings, including Luke and Leia, the day, with the help of the clones, and makes more younglings, also with the help of the clones, the night.

When they are successful liberating a new clone from Palpatine, eight time of ten, he stays with them. Six time of ten, he also joins the nights. Some of them are not really interested in sex, but they're still attached to their growing family.

Bonus: The Rebel Alliance is crawling with Jedis a few years after. Some non humans, yes, but most of them dark hair humans with a tast for sass. The officers have troubles making them obey.

Bonus +100 : they find Cody, not at the beginning but after a few years. He wants to run, or perhpas eat his blaster, but Rex kick his ass until he see the light.

Bonus +1000: they save Boba. He doesn't sleep with Obi-wan but is terribly protective of all the little ones and like touching Obi-wan and feeling the unborn babies move. Sometimes, he spy a little and listen, but don't tell Obi-wan, Boba find it more reassuring than arousing: it has become the norm, the sex betwen his brothers and Obi-wan.

Bonus +10000: Stewjon, the homeworld of Obi-Wan , is well-know for his inhabitants'fecundity. The pregnancy is shorter, easier, multiple births are the norm, fertilization rate are insane... Give me Obi-wan with triplets. Give me little Clones/Jedi younglings thinking one baby by pregnancy is very strange and inefficient. Give me Clones thinking Obi-wan heavy with childs is perfect.

Extra-bonus: all the clones don't sleep with Obi-wan all the nights. He's only human. It's more, one or two or sometimes three. But everyone develops different kinks or favorites.

Re: Obi-wan/Clones, Obi-wan give birth to an entire generation of Jedis

(Anonymous) 2016-05-05 12:19 pm (UTC)(link)
*bangs fist on table like the clones bang obi-wan in this prompt* SECONDED

Anakin/Padme - AU, roleswitch

(Anonymous) 2016-05-06 12:16 am (UTC)(link)
Padme is a level-headed young Jedi who sometimes gets very dark and angry.

Anakin is the blunt king-turned-senator for Naboo who loves her.

(The fill definitely doesn't need to be a total rewrite. Just some scattered scenes from throughout the movies and/or tcw would be really great.)

Re: Anakin/Padme - AU, roleswitch

(Anonymous) 2016-05-15 05:25 am (UTC)(link)